What our customers are saying

"Thank you for the excellent work in keeping the estate in good condition and quality of the environment. I am an owner but living in Singapore now. It is so comforting to receive such updates, knowing that you are helping us to keep the estate in order. " Mr J - 0588S - Rustat Road, Cambridge 590

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for getting a couple of things sorted out on the site. I can't tell you how much better it feels to have CCTV on site now. I've been so worried about the risks to security and property and we have had damage and thefts. The other thing I wanted to say thank you for is finding us a super gardener! Daniel has been really working hard on the gardens and I have no doubt that by next year we will have a space that we can all appreciate. I really feel like we've broken the back of the problem. Even the bins seem to be less of a problem! Once again, thank you so much for the time you've spent getting this sorted." Ms S- 0606S - Highbanks Essex House 589

"Dilber has been exceptionally helpful in getting our drains unblocked quickly and in keeping our insurers happy. Welcome on board Dilber and we very much look forward to working with you." Mr L - 0650S - Grafton Mansions 588

"Hi Dilber, Thank you so much for your update - greatly appreciated." Mr T- 0303S - Swale Park 587

"Hi Izabela, Ah that makes perfect sense, thank you for clarifying. I'm not sure who to pass this on to but if you could show your managers etc, I just want to say thank you so much to yourself for your communication with us at Southpoint, as a management agency you have been fantastic so far and you get back to us straight away. It really is appreciated." Ms M - 0603S - Southpoint Sutton Road 586

"Hi Izabela, Thank you for the prompt update. Thanks to you, we've seen enormous progress in a short time. All is looking so much better." Mr K - 0606S - Highbanks Essex House 585

"You are extremely helpful and professional." Ms L- 0623S - Langley Square 584

"Josephine, thanks for the professional and friendly manner you have dealt with me to resolve this matter." Mr W- 0556S - Carter Quay, Poole, Dorset 583

"It's lovely to hear from you. You are the best!" Ms W- 0446S - Veritas, Cromwell Road 582

"Dilber has been incredibly responsive by getting our drains unblocked quickly and making sure our service charge demands go out." Mr L- 0650S - Grafton Mansions 581

"The problem has gone away. Once again, thank for your help and action – much appreciated." Mr O'D- 0263S - Aspen Green 580

"Hi Leah! I'm loving this Ringley site - thanks for sending my login info. I have questions after reviewing the 'Want to make alterations?' section in the Ringley site. " Ms T- 0547S - River Heights 579

"Thank you for your help and support in getting emergency help to stop the leak from the flat directly above us. You acted promptly and for that we are grateful." Ms B- 0042S - Harris Green 578

"Thank you so much. You are a star Leah." Miss Y- 0547S - River Heights 577

"Brilliant; the old sort code worked! Thanks Alex, much appreciated. Send on my regards to Lee, he's a helpful chap, just like you." Mr D- Solicitors 576

"I want to take this opportunity to thank Karen for her support. Karen is a credit to your business. She dealt with the situation in a sympathetic and professional manner. I am very grateful for the support and guidance she provided." Mr C - 0458S - Geneva Court 575

"The fault with the lift was dealt with very commendable speed, a few hours after I notified you, very commendable response. The questionnaire, I believe, would have been a positive response. Thank you for your promptness." Mr K- 0465S - Turrett Court, Aldermans Hill 574

"I would like to use this opportunity to thank Kumari for the professional manner in which she has been working on this complex matter." Mr S- 0303S - Swale Park 573

"I appreciate your efforts." Mr C- 0475S - Avante Court 572

"Just wanna say a BIG thank you for last night's meeting. I used to think property management is an easy business, now I know it is not! They (few of them out of almost 200 unit owners) grill you like MPs! I, and believe most of the "silent owners" as well, are pretty happy with Ringley's work." Mr L- 0547S - River Heights 571

"You have been more competent when working on solutions. You care and that's what sets you apart from the rest." Ms B- 0649S - Julius Seal House 570

"Dear Izabela, I am conscious that I only email you when there is a problem or something has gone wrong, so I wanted to send you an email to say that I really appreciate all your help and thank you so much for being so efficient and so helpful. You are the best property manager we have had in the 4.5 years since the flats were built. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year." Ms M- 0435S - Drayton Garden Village 569

"You have reacted positively to correspondence. And many of our neighbours feel the same." Mrs B- 0556S - Carter Quay, Poole, Dorset 568

"Thank you very much for arranging the M&S Vouchers." Ms M- 0502S - East India Way 567

"Kim, thank you for the diligent way you have handled our affairs here at Avante Court. You have brought a degree of calm and a steady hand which has helped us to keep an even keel over the last 18 months. " Mr L- 0475S - Avante Court 566