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Snia Royo - Agency - 24/04/2024 "The letting advisor has been amazing throughout the reference process. She has been very hands on, made it really easy and hassle-free. Super friendly and was always ready to help with any questions I had, very quick responses and helpful attitude."

Alison O'leary - Estates - 22/04/2024 "The Estate Manager answered his phone on his day off and dealt with the issue the following day, going to the apartment to help 92 year old mother"

Darsha Podithuwakku - Agency - 20/04/2024 "Living at Hunslet House has been an amazing experience. Everything is new and brilliant. I'd like to thank the lettings advisor, particularly for her wonderful, courteous, and professional service. She provided very clear answers to all of our questions, and I recommend this service while also taking the opportunity to appreciate he rhard work."

Saswati Chatterjee - Agency - 12/04/2024 - Manchester "Nice apartment and the team were extremely helpful."

Kalina Mikolcz - Agency - 17/04/2024 - Manchester "Highly recommend the lettings department! Extra nice and efficient!"

Sujeet Kashyap - Agency - 17/04/2024 - Manchester "Smooth movement to this property was facilitated. Many thanks."

Anna Wright - Estates - 17/04/2024 "I had two incidents to report at different times, and my development manager at Ringley responded promptly. She gave very helpful information that set my mind at rest. I commend her performance strongly and unreservedly."

Olivia Moore - Agency - 18/04/2024 - Manchester "Me and my partner had a lovely experience with the company. The lettings advisor was amazing and led us through the process of everything !! She answered my numerous phone calls worrying and reassured me throughout !"

Stefano Tuveri - Estates - 18/04/2024 - Bow "With Ringley with had the best Property Manager I have seen in the estate. Working with her has been great. She has consistently got the job done and exceeded my expectation. Very professional, organised, knowledgeable and in general a pleasure to work with. Thanks a lot for all your help in the estate"

Lauren Mcmichael - Agency - 18/04/2024 - Camden "Would highly recommended from personal experience :) my move was smooth and quicker than I needed"

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