Ringley Group are the UKs number one advisory firm for cladding & the Building Safety Fund

In recent weeks the sheer scale of the cladding crisis has become clear with close to 3,000 buildings registering for the governments Building Safety Fund.

Jon Curtis (Head of Building Engineering) advises and regularly presents to the government's Homes & Communities 1 Billion remedial fund and (previously Head of Surveying Spencer Lockwood and spent 20 years at Pegasi Management overseeing a 985m portfolio of Prime Central London mansion blocks).

Due to our in house expertise Ringley were among the first to complete all their EWS1s in Spring 2020 and lodge grant applications throughout 2020.

ESSENTIAL - Adapt your build handover strategy

What has changed?

We are now in an era of evidence based testing not desktop assessment. This means that as a developer keeping evidence of materials relating to the EWS external wall system as they arrive on site, as they are installed is crucial. No matter what contractor certification, QA system or build guarantee is in place no competent Managing Agent can avoid invasive testing at first.

Fire Risk Assessment needs to be a Type 2 Survey in order for the competent.

Ringley have pioneered the expertise required to:

  • Identify Defect Cladding
  • Get it Tested
  • Issue EWS1 Firm
  • Defend Developer & Resident Claims


From £5,000
Includes specification of what to test
Interpretation of test results

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