Freehold purchase

We assist leaseholders and freeholders with freehold purchase valuations to discover the likely premium to buy the freehold throughout the UK resolving most amicably without the need to go to Tribunal.

We enable transactions through expert negotiation, expert witness work and assisting those with an absentee freeholder

Leasehold enfranchisement……When undertaking a valuation for negotiation the Chartered Valuation Surveyor has to interpret the right evidence for the right situation to bring maximum benefit to the Client. More so with changing legislation in the enfranchisement arena where the freeholder needs to ensure that he is well advised, and represented to maximise his forced exit value.

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Also known as “collective enfranchisement” Ringley is an expert in this niche area and helps those wishing to buy their freehold or extend their lease.

Our solicitors practice, Ringley law can also serve notices, negotiates and deal with county court and Tribunal matters.

The process is quite complicated and can take around 8 months. So we’ve put together a timeline to explain the process


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Guardian article – Freedom from the Freeholder

Key questions

When choosing professional representation we recommend you ask the following questions:

  • What case law decisions have affected investment yields?
  • Can you explain your methodology in yields selection?
  • What happens after the valuation?
  • How many cases are settled without recourse to Tribunal?
  • Is your valuation report sufficient to enable private negotiations?
  • What is your fee structure for negotiations?
  • What is your experience of presenting at Tribunal?

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As part of our commitment to quality service we have put together a website dedicated to leasehold issues and how to solve them.