Our team provides facilities management of the highest quality for our clients by using a deeply integrated approach that combines highly skilled staff with cutting-edge technology. The team provides services to tenants and guests, looks after the facilities and is in charge of building management. A set of strongly held convictions underpin all of our work and planning:

  1. Safety & compliance

We make sure that we do everything to keep safe all those living in our buildings, visiting or working there. To realise this goal, we undertake a detailed risk assessment with our clients against a clear set of objectives. We use manuals, handbooks, policies, procedures as well as instructions and guidance forms.

  1. Prevention

The attitude that prevention is better than cure guides our maintenance strategy which requires our teams to be responsive and act quickly to correct mechanical and electrical faults. Specialist engineers are engaged, trained and equipped to ensure an efficient fix first time which generates significant cost savings in the long term life of the building.