Block Management Packages

The responsibility of Block and Estate Management is far reaching to the unaware. So, depending on the risk level you are comfortable with we have a range of packages to suit.

From DIY with pay-as-you-go to full HR management we've got you covered

Our Service Levels

Service Level Agreement BlockCare300 BlockCare500 BlockCare1000 Service Level
from £525 per annum from £5,000 per annum min £10,000 per annum BlockCare500 suits investor Freeholders, non trading RMC's BlockCare1000 suits leases with arrears billing, trading companies & sites with complex service charge schedules
Service charge and reserve fund collection
Draft service charge budget circulated to Client additional cost within 4 weeks of end of service charge year. For BlockCare300 if you don’t upload a budget we will apply a 10% until you do.
Issue demands within 21 days prior to demand date (if budget approved in time)
On-line budget calculator & reserves fund estimator
Reserve fund : Annual reserve plan review additional cost A reserve plan is benchmarked to the lease and posted on the Client web area
5 payment methods: Cash, Cheque, Direct Debit, Internet Banking, Credit Card
Competitive insurance - Up to 20% off with our block policy
Insurance claims - common parts property additional cost Manage common parts claims, 3 months, subject to loss adjuster's delays
Insurance claims - owners property additional cost additional cost additional cost In accordance with RICS code of practice we facililate claims helping & signposting owners to the insurer.
Insurance : Processing with NHBC/BLP/New Build claims additional cost Common parts claims only 3 months, subject to loss adjusters delays
Dedicated Property Manager/ Property Administrator Web portal Property Manager Property Manager * Administrator for blocks of 10 or less units under strategic guidance of Manager
Dedicated legal officer refer to Site Directors legal officer legal officer
Dedicated final accounts officer refer to Site Directors legal officer legal officer
Escalation channel refer to Site Directors Service & Ops Manager Property Director Escalation channel advised on every email footer. Quality tracking system to ensure closure.
Directors minutes distribution additional cost Draft typed direct onto Client web area. Watch as we close & action items
Directors minutes actioned additional cost Property Managers are targeted via performance related pay to action items within 1 month.
Telephone support additional cost Messages are logged. Calls can be put through to mobiles.
Emails & replies support additional cost 72 hours set in ISO9000 Quality Manual QP15.
Faxes & replies additional cost 48 hours set in ISO9000 Quality Manual QP15
Letters & replies additional cost *1 per year * as agreed extra meetings are possible but add to base fee, at BlockCare300 all meetings are chargeable
Teleconferencing facilities in-between meetings additional cost
Use of Boardroom additional cost Board room hire charge £50 per hour
Direct dial for your block refer to Site Directors additional cost additional cost
Residents/AGM minutes distribution Draft typed direct onto Client web area. Watch as we close items.
AGM minutes actioned Property Managers are targeted via performance related pay to action within 1 month.
Pre-sales legal packs additional cost additional cost additional cost Premium same day service available, else 5 working days turnaround
Owners Newsletters with demands additional cost It is policy to send you a news update with every demand.
Company Secretarial Service
Full Company Secretarial service additional cost additional cost *BlockCare300 service includes filing only
Run your company, deal with Companies House. additional cost
Administer ownership registers, transfer/issue share certificates etc. additional cost additional cost
Arrange meetings, proxy forms, take minutes additional cost
Structural changes to Memorandum and Articles of Association additional cost additional cost additional cost
Company Accounts additional cost additional cost additional cost Required by companies House for RTM, Freehold and Resident Management Companies.
Repairs & maintenance
24/7 telephone response on emergencies AWAKE service backed by Aduvio, Owners call 0207 428 2056 and are automatically re-directed.
Common parts inspections additional cost As agreed according to fee
Emergency works arranged additional cost
Reactive repairs & maintenance additional cost 80% of Purchase Orders signed off within 5 working days set in ISO9000 Quality Manual QP15
Contract works : cleaning & gardening additional cost reviewed on next site visit. Site reports are available on Client web area within 3-5 days of each
Site visits actioned & closed Property Managers are targeted via performance related pay to action within 1 month.
Types of Site Inspections at least 50% to be interim H&S inspections fully audit trailed on iPad
More than 1 quotation for works over £1,000 (unless emergency**) additional cost 2 quotations for works over £1,000
No. Quotations for works over Section 20 threshold (unless LVT dispensation granted**) additional cost 3 quotations for works over Section 20 Consultation limits
Issues log additional cost
Arranging maintenance of specialist plant (lifts, pumping stations, communal heating, air-conditioning, water filtration) additional cost
Budget monitoring, quarterly reporting & cash management
Online daily expenditure listing See payments made on the Client web area (just 24 hours behind our system)
Management accounts additional cost Online (24 hours behind our system) so you have real time management accounts.
Invoices online When clients uploads * *BlockCare300 service relies on Client to upload invoices when requesting payment.
Balancing charges levied Charged to owners according to the Service Charge accounts.
Arrears lists online Viewable by Clients and Directors
RICS client money protection scheme RICS Client Money Protection Scheme invalidated if Client/Director wants to be a 2nd signatory
Accounting for multiple service charge schedules additional cost For blocks/estates where more than one service charge fund is maintained (e.g. "day-to-day fund" and "pond maintenance fund").
Systematic arrears collection
Demand, polite reminder, final notice Owners can be set up for email demands
Arrears lists online Arrears lists are available online for Clients and Directors
Letter before action charged to debtor charged to debtor charged to debtor to satisfy Civil Procedure Rules a pre-action protocol letter is required before court action can start
First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) action on debts charged to debtor charged to debtor charged to debtor Ringley Legal has litigation lawyers specialist in recovery of service charges.
Access to in house litigation & in-house Solicitor additional cost additional cost additional cost Action funded by Freeholder/Client Company but added to owner's debt
On-line litigation update Court action last and next stage is visible online to Clients and Directors
Financial Accounts
Year end accounts : Dormant Company Accounts £60 + Vat £60 + Vat £60 + Vat Dormant company accounts if no ground rent is collected, no income (apart from service charge received) all money is held in a Ringley Client Account and no disposals/acquisition of assets
Year end accounts : Service Charge Accounts * ** ** *BlockCare products includes service charge accounts but not certification to 1985 Act requirements. Fee scales at Ringley Accountants
Year end accounts : Trading Companies Accounts Your company will probably be trading if you collect ground rent and/or own the Freehold. Our role as Managing Agent is to provide reconciled ledgers to a panel Accountant.
Year end accounts : Corporation Tax Returns We facilitate and provide answers to the Accountant.
Year end accounts : Obtaining tax return exemptions * * * *Where Ringley act as Company Secretary we will apply for an exemption if applicable.
Management of Staff
Site Staff day books Ringley's site staff system provides visibility of day books, holidays and building manuals.
Management of employed staff Covers training, reporting & reviews as part of agreed number of site inspectors.
Dealing with recruitment, HR policy Covers interviews, welfare, disciplinary and grievance meetings.
Payroll Payroll administrated & amounts advised to payroll accountant
Appraisals Fee includes annual appraisal & we write out to seek feedback from all owners prior to this.
Block management blueprint
Creating an owners manual additional cost
Engineering, Legal, Valuation advice
Professional Advice : access to advice on Lease Extension / Freehold Enfranchisement matters / Selling Shares in Freehold additional cost additional cost additional cost advice on restructuring company constitution to enable sales of Lease Extensions and distribution of proceeds (dividends or loan repayments)
Professional Advice : access to Building Engineering advice additional cost additional cost additional cost

We pay £5 to the first person to report a maintenance issue

  • light bulbs which the cleaner needs to change
  • dumped cars
  • blown over trees
  • dumped fridges or large items

There are 4 ways to report a problem:

  1. Photo it, and email
  2. Log onto the Ringley Gateway™
  3. Phone your Property Manager

If you are the 1st owner to report it, we’ll transfer £5 from our office account to your service charge account to say "thank you". We do this because we believe property management works best when there is a partnership between the owners and the managing agent.

Site inspections are carried out by both your Property Manager and our roaming Ringley Site Inspectors. You can see Site Reports and the audit trail of the actions we take on the Ringley Gateway online client portal.

Purchase Orders drop into the report templates so you can see that our teams are reviewing works done on site. We take photos of repairs, health & safety issues, and assess cleaning and gardening standards.

    The RICS Code of Practice for Residential Managing Agents defines a managing agent’s inspection duty as to:

    "to inspect without use of equipment, at least at the frequency agreed, such of the common parts of the Property as can be inspected safely and without undue difficulty to ascertain for the purpose of day-to-day management only the general condition of those common parts."

Site inspections do not replace the need to instruct a Chartered Surveyor to diagnose complex leaks, roof repairs or defects or prepare specification for cyclical redecorations say every 5 to 10 years.

Customer wishes we have implemented:

  • showing works orders raised to the site visit report, so you can see we have inspected works,
  • Emailing owners and tenants in advance to let people know we are coming to site in case there is something they want us to look at
  • Adding specific schedules for ‘plant rooms’, ‘car park’ areas etc.
  • Putting cleaner and gardening specifications on the Ringley Gateway™

Q. How often do you visit site?

How often we visit site depends on the size of the site and the fee agreed. Here is our guide:

Sites without staff

1-10 flats 2 visits
11-25 flats 6 visits
30+ flats 8-10 visits
50+ flats 10-12 visits
100+ flats 12-18 visits
200+ flats 18-26 visits

Sites with staff on site

1-20 flats 12 visits
30+ flats 18 visits
50+ flats 22 visits
100+ flats 26 visits
200+ flats Weekly visits

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