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Solicitors pre-sale enquiries

If you’re buying or selling your Solicitor will need a pre-sale pack to get the answers they need to all the usual questions. Ringley Law prepare these and to keep property management fees reasonable - the cost is charged to the person enquiring.

So if you need a pre-sale pack now, call Ringley Law on 020 7428 1977

A same-day service *subject to additional charge.

Buying property, need a Homebuyers Survey?

A Homebuyers Survey is a brief report designed by the RICS* in conjunction with the Which Consumer’s Association with you, the ‘homebuyer’ in mind. A Homebuyer Survey nicely draws together advice using the themes of 'urgent' and 'significant' as well as lists matters for your Solicitor to investigate.

‘urgent’ means things that you should investigate prior to commitment to purchase, so that you buy aware of the potential costs of any repairs that might be required.

‘significant’ means things that affect the value of the property and are matters that you might want to take into account when negotiating the price.

It is our sister company Ringley Building Engineering who carry out Homebuyer Surveys.

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Buying property, want a Building Survey?

A building survey is ideal for older properties and properties in dilapidated condition. A building survey provides a thorough analysis of all elements of the building, their condition, whether they are still fit for purpose as well as likely repairs required.

If you are buying a property in a Ringley managed block or estate there is nobody better placed to advise you than one of Ringley’s Chartered Surveyors.

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