We are committed to play our part in the property industry through the influence we have in project monitoring for funds and developers, by monitoring the impact our operations have, and the impact of key Client buildings and by increasing awareness and doing our part to drive consumer behavior change.

We have a stewardship role in the communities we create. ISO14001 accreditation is part of the ‘E’ (Environmental strategies) that underpin our holistic ESG strategy.

The UK has committed to being Carbon NetZero by 2050 and this is having a significant influence on investment decisions, design, delivery and operations as 52% of global warning comes from property. We are a residential real estate-focused company that works with investors to embed ESG strategies through build, into operation through design, retrofit and accreditation.

As consumer choice pushes through to rhe capital markets 'green loans and bonds' well conceived stock that boasts high ESG credentials will drive yields and rent premiums distinguish performing assets and drive total returns. The time to get on the board is now.

Ringley's Sustainability Strategy & Policy

In 2025 The 2030 agenda for sustainable development was adopted by all United Nations member states. Recognised globally, it provides a shared blueprint and at its heart are 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries.

The nine, where we feel we can make the largest impact form Ringley's sustainability strategy. As a framework these provide a common language for our sustainability goals, targets and reporting.

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Ringley is a residentially led real estate business. We strive continuously to be best-in-class and this objective is inseparable from maintaining a responsible approach in our investment and asset management decisions as well as the sense of stewardship in the communities we create. This ongoing objective is one of the reasons our clients, partners and staff are attracted to and loyal to us.

Our ESG Strategy formalises our approach to integrating Environmental, Social and Governance factors into our investment and asset management strategies and processes. We work with our investors and other partners to identify pertinent ESG factors and opportunities, delivering and reporting on the best possible outcomes in that context.

Within the context of our clear, overarching framework:
E nvironment: Esustainable 1st
S ocial: Ecommunity 1st
G overnance: Eaccountability 1st

By resonating the threads of sustainable 1st, Community 1st and accountability 1st we stand to realise greater impacts and more effectively navigate the ESG factors that pose a risk or opportunity to performance. Together, these support our purpose of pioneering profitable real estate solutions to deliver aspirational living and working brought to life by engaging communities to foster a sense of stewardship.

Social Value

A joined up social value strategy begins with a Boardroom commitment to create social value both through teams at organisational level and then to find social needs where each asset is located and to champion these from the outset of the pre-app planning stage, into operations and beyond. There is no blanket approach to social value as in the same way no two properties are the same, each location and its needs will differ too.

It is now considered unwise to go to planning, even the pre-app without putting the social need on parallel to the built form: single person households, rising numbers of cyclists, youth training, start-ups, creative industries, homelessness, early years care, outreach health or social care, back to work training or whatever it may be. Then by finding local charities there may be existing social provision to tap into or connect with before considering what social value can be provided on site. During construction it is pretty much a given that there is an expectation that X apprenticeships will be pitched per £xM construction costs. But lasting social value will be about the altruistic objective beyond the built form.

Summary of Ringley's ESG Strategies

Operational Carbon: We will Embodied Carbon: We will Social value strategy: We will Governance strategy We will: Read more about our Green Management Strategies HERE

Our Asset Management Team

The key to our success is our people

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MD BTR Mobilisation & Leasing

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