Accounting & Reporting

In partnership with those with mandates to deploy capital at scale, we support all bank and fund level accounting requirements. Our techstack is vertically integrated which reduces rework and provides instant reporting.

Managing budgets is what we do. We collect scores of data points along each resident journey to track KPIs and produce rich insights to inform current amd future strategy.

Put simply, our vertically integrated techstack can adopt each Client's chart of accounts. As your Strategic Partner at asset management level we manage budgets for:

Our aim at all times is to reduce and even eliminate transactional re-work and re-posting.

Our Asset Management Team

The key to our success is our people

Mab circle

Mary-Anne Bowring

London Office

Group CEO

Ian circle

Ian Barber

Manchester Office

MD BTR Mobilisation & Leasing

Leana circle

Leana Aris

London Office

Strategic lead: ESG & Asset Business Plan delivery

Andrew circle

Andrew Pratt

London Office