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We improve asset value through a range of specialist building surveying throughout the UK.

We cover major projects throughout the UK from London, Cardiff and Manchester offices.

Building surveying excellence requires understanding the age of a property, intricate knowledge of how it was built and to trace typical defects likely to arise from the era it was built. We call this following the trail of suspicion and is what our experienced team of Chartered Surveyors and Chartered Building Engineers do.

For those worried about all things fire safety such as façade cladding or the external wall system, if you are not sure firstly if your block of flats needs an EWS1 Survey or how to go about the improvements necessary to improve the EWS1 Certificate rating from a B1, B2 or B3 to an A1, A2 or A3 then our EWS1 Consultancy advice may help. Ringley act as the go to commentator on all things fire safety for The Daily Telegraph as well as lecture for the RICS, UK Apartment Association and MCHLG so are bang up to date with all things fire. From balcony structures to fire stopping around openings to compartmentation and grant applications under the Building Safety Fund in England or the Building Passport Fund in Wales our Engineers are here to help.

Building Surveying services:

Building Surveying services to support a purchase or new lease

When buying a home or large investment, for peace of mind you ought to consider a Homebuyer Survey which sets out urgent matters that you should take action on before purchase such as legal matters and significant matters to take into account when negotiating the price. Alternatively a Building Survey is advisable for older properties, houses and if you are contemplating alterations as a Building Survey will look in detail at all elements and can also incorporated tailored advice on the structural feasibility of extensions, loft conversions or other alterations you are considering. A pre-purchase Homebuyer or Building survey minimises your risk and is the only way to reach an informed decision before you commit yourself legally to hundreds of thousands of pounds. It will help you understand whether the agreed price is reasonable, tell you any unforeseen drawbacks, and if so, advise you what you need to do about them.

For commercial occupiers contemplating a new lease. we assist tenants with Schedules of Condition and documenting the condition of the premises at the start of the lease. Without a Schedule of Condition then there is nothing to protect the tenant when or if they are later served an Interim or Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations and negotiations begin. And, if alternations are proposed or being considered as well as dealing with the viability of the proposed alterations we can consider matters such as disability access and carryout a disability access audit if required also.

Whilst Asbestos was banned as far back as 2000, most banks or lenders will now require sight of an Asbestos Survey as a condition of lending. Ringley’s Block Management department will also require the Asbestos Survey as part of site setup and if one does not exist then our Surveyors can arrange of prepare both an initial Asbestos Survey or the periodic review of Asbestos present to check that the condition of any Asbestos managed in situ has not deteriorated.

Building Surveying services to improve or renovate buildings

As Contract Administrator we are involved in a broad range of building projects for redecorations, refurbishment, roof replacement as well as façade works and compartmentation issues. We prepare schedules, run the tender process and can act as Principle Designer too.

For new-build properties our expertise includes new build developer warranty claims, insurance valuations and all things fire safety. We are up to date on current building regulations including a raft of new fire legislation in Part M and the Fire Safety Act and Building Safety Act which means that our Fire Risk Assessments and residents and communal fire door inspection reports are comprehensive and informative.

Alongside our extended team of experts we can deal with defects diagnosis over a range of structural, engineering and services issues. We support Ringley’s Block Management Team with planned maintenance strategies, CapEx surveys, planning reserve and sinking fund collections as well as methods and access strategies to reduce ad-hoc day-to-day repairs or to save money by extending the period between redecorations cycles.

Where party wall legislation applies we act for ‘the wall’ which is the legal requirement under the Party Wall etc.. Act 1996 either on behalf of the Building Owner or the Adjoining Owner to serve or respond to Party Wall Notices, Party Structure Notices and to prepare Party Wall Agreements, so whether you have received a Notice or need to serve one we will be able to assist.

For alterations, extensions or additions our Surveyors and Engineers role is to assess both the risk to a Freeholder who may be minded to grant consent, often in conjunction with Ringley’s Valuers who can calculate any premium that a Freeholder should ask. We can also prepare specifications and let building contracts as either Project Team Leader, Project Manager or Contract Administrator.

Case study

Agar Grove, London


Acting for Freeholder on this development, beset by significant structural heave movement damage and water ingress problems. We are appointed as advisers, liaising with leaseholders.

Case study

Lime Tree Place, Witham


99 Flat conversion suffered pressurised water supply failure, resulting in flood damage to over 50% of the apartments. Appointed as Contract Administrator, we have lead the strip out.

Case study

Pym Court, Cambridge


A development of 90 flats over 4 blocks. We have overseen remedial works to cladding areas, inadequate internal compartmentation. We are now dealing with other fire safety deficiencies.

Building Surveying Reviews

"The surveyor provided a fantastic service and I couldn’t have asked for a better surveyor. The surveyor was always available to answer any questions, deal with any issues and we are grateful for her five star service."

Doloros “doloros” Agathangelou

"We engaged with Ringley & call to carry out a commercial rental review report. They were nothing but professional, efficient and thorough in their market research. In particular, the surveyor went above and beyond answering any questions well after the report was submitted to us. Would definitely recommend."

Ac Camden

"It is our opinion that the service provided by Mary-Anne Bowring and her team for Ferry Court, Cardiff has been nothing short of exceptional and would recommend them to any group of directors looking for such a service. Particularly around EWS1 certification, Fire risk assessment surveys as well as close out of corrective actions. Our development has a legacy of issues spread over 20 plus years hidden by greed, incompetence and deceit. The team has done its upmost to keep all leaseholders as abreast of the challenges as possible, in constantly changing information. No one is perfect and there will always room for improvements but as an engineer there are very few grasp the issue. So, very pleased to have Ringley as our managers."


"We hire friendly people and empower them to delight."