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A Managing Agent is professional services firm that co-ordinate all things communal to manage both blocks of flats and private estates which can comprise flats and houses. The tasks of the Managing Agent is to find common purpose and to partner with the Client to not only manage the finances and day to day things that arise but also to plan for the future. This includes getting out on site and holding meetings with stakeholders.

Be careful when choosing a Managing Agent: some are members of a trade body called ARMA others are regulated by the RICS which is the international standard for property professionals and unlike a trade body requires the Agent to work in the public interest.

A managing agent, often known as a block manager, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a property on behalf of the freeholder. They are generally chosen via a selection procedure run by the owners (also known as unit-holders) in a multi-dwelling development or housing cooperative. As a result, managing agents must earn the trust of the property owners they serve.

What do Managing Agents do?

A managing agent is a vital part of any modern day building, managing everything from security, to maintenance and repairs, to facilities management. They also play a role in organising building insurance through a managing agents' insurance services and represent the interests of individual unit-holders when dealing with utility companies.

Managers may be required to collect common charges from unit-holders, such as maintenance and utilities expenses, for services like electricity. They manage any contracts that the firm has signed in order to provide services. Managing agents, specifically, can make sure that construction projects comply with quality control standards to ensure that high-quality work is performed by contractors.

Benefits of Managing Agents

The managing agent acts as a link between owners, contractors, and other stakeholders by ensuring that all services are delivered effectively and efficiently. They should also maintain records for accounting purposes to ensure that funds are used appropriately on any necessary supplies or equipment required for day-to-day operations.

Ultimately managing agents are hired professionals whose goals are to provide effective management through problem solving techniques which meet the needs of all residents who reside in their buildings.

Do you need a managing agent?

Many managing agents are willing to do tasks outside of their usual remit, saving you time and money. A managing agent will usually take care of the various services that would give you a headache if you had to deal with them on your own. They can also offer specialised insurance services, reducing the risk of liability claims.

Freeholders are legally responsible for building safety whereas unit-holders are required to pay their managing agent directly, who will usually invoice residents for their services.

If you have a managing agent, they will also be responsible for service charges and managing funds to ensure that any building projects are completed in a timely fashion. They can generally acquire funding from a bank or other lender because managing agents have good credit ratings.

These fees are usually paid out of residents' deposits after an agency has completed their services. The managing agent will generally include them in monthly invoices along with other fees like utilities, property taxes, and building insurance. Think managing agents are just for large, high-rise buildings? Managing agents also play an important role in looking after private estates. This is because managing agents often have only one account to service rather than several accounts that managing multiple smaller units brings with it.

Because managing agents deal with a single building or estate, they are able to provide a more professional service. They also have relationships with local authorities, contractors, and other managing agents that allow them to offer a comprehensive range of services.

These relationships can help provide discounted rates on insurance and security. They may also be able to acquire specific items like tools which they then loan out to unit-holders, and can also provide assistance with managing larger jobs, like renovations or security installations.

Managing agents are needed to handle the unexpected problems that looking after a block building brings on a daily basis.

Who appoints a managing agent?

In a multi-dwelling complex or cooperative, the owners typically select the managing agents. This procedure should be mentioned in the managing agent's standards.

To minimise the risk of a building becoming uninhabitable, it's critical to get recommendations from other building managers about managing operations. They may also need to provide references from previous building managers who can vouch for their performance. Ultimately, selecting a managing agent necessitates an interview process to assess if they are suitable for the position based on skills and experience. Once management is appointed, any complaints from owners living within their buildings should be directed towards them immediately.

What do you get with a Ringley managing agent?

Ringley has been providing expert block management services for over 25 years. We’re dedicated to helping our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we offer 100% transparency so you always know what’s going on with your property.

Our team of experts are passionate about property and will work tirelessly to ensure that your block is running smoothly. We believe in open communication and work closely with our clients to ensure they are always happy with the service we provide. At Ringley we take pride in delivering the best possible service and managing services in London and throughout the UK in a quick and efficient manner.

It takes a team of professionals, from different disciplines and skills sets to come together to deliver the full Managing Agent role. Being a Managing Agent means includes: financial management of the service charge (collecting money against a pre-agreed budget and paying contractors), arranging insurances (buildings, Directors & Officers and Engineering), managing cleaning and gardening, getting repairs done, managing compliance for plant and equipment installed on site, recruiting staff and leading them as well as planning for bigger works such as roof repairs. Arguably a Managing Agent is the 4th emergency service as without a professional to coordinate not only different owners or stakeholders agenda to find common purpose, or someone in an emergency situation who has access to funds and can make emergency decisions 24 hours a day, and can collect the arrears to ensure cashflow is healthy then things can easily begin to fall apart.

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