Fire Door Inspection App
To use the FDI App you need:
  1. To download the App from Google Play or the App Store and how to search ‘Ringley Site Inspection‘ App
  2. To buy QR codes
    The recommended format of your QR Codes is simply that the QR Code stores a unique number. This is because the QR Codes are used in conjunction with the FDI App and so when the User opens the FDI App and opens the correct site inspection report before scanning the code, rather than the QR Code being used to open a website.
  3. Next you need to put the QR Codes up on all communal fire doors (1 sticker on each leaf of each communal fire door and each leaf of each riser cupboard door). The purpose of this is to remove any risk of confusion, identifying exactly which door is being inspected and/or later being remediated.
  4. At the same time as putting the QR Codes on the doors, an excel spreadsheet needs to be created to log each door along with the QR Code assigned The data to be collected is below: It is optional whether or not to put QR Codes on private residents front doors, as these are relatively easily identifiable by the Block and Flat number. However, whether you put QR Codes on residential apartment doors or not, you still need an excel with a list of doors in the same format.
    It is worth thinking how you want to have your private residents flat door reports named, as the naming convention of each PDF will follow what you put in the import EXCEL.
    Which will produce PDF reports names like: 3000_prospect place_caldy island_apartment 1
  5. Your spreadsheet then needs to be provided to App Super Admin to be imported. This makes the doors available for inspection.
Fdi phones
Table Row QR CODE* Location Unit Entrance Category* Asset Type* Floor Level* Description
Example 000001 Flat 1 1 Main entrance Communal or Apartment Single Door Double Door L/R 1st Floor FD 30/60
* in table are required field
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Communal Fire Doors

There is no further preparation that you need to do. If you have imported your doors, they will be available for inspection. You don’t need to fix an inspection to a particular date you can just work through them.

Fdi 15

Residents Front Doors

Unless you intend to go door knocking, residents fire door inspections need to be booked. Depending on how large your site you need to consider how best to manage logistics.

Fdi door

Our tool kit supports the booking arrangements. We recommend you release inspections one block at a time, then when the 1st day fills up to release another day. This is to save inspectors wasted time between inspections.
Suggested email template: click here

Owners, Estate Agents and Tenants should be notified to ensure as many inspections as possible can be booked in bulk. At all times Owners need to be advised that if they dont sign up and require an individual appointment later this will be at a significantly higher cost. Say £50 instead of £15.
Suggested email template: click here

Fdi line
The system gives you TWO types of PDF report.
  1. Individual Owners Inspection Certificate
  2. Site Wide or Block by Block Inspection Report
The Individual Owners Inspection Certificate is a PDF per property and using a traffic light system shows whether each of the 42 tests is passed, then the Report categorises the door inspection as:
  • PASS
  • FAIL - minor works
  • FAIL - replace door leaf
  • FAIL - replace doorset
Owners will need these Certificates as part of their pre-sales packs to satisfy incoming purchasers. To make things easy for Managing Agents the reports are suitably named, the names follow the convention of the EXCEL list of doors that each Client provides for ease, e.g. 3000_prospect place_caldy island_apartment 1
Fdi blocke


Depending on the size of your site you may want the report converted and collated into a Schedule of Works that is instantly ready for tendering.

A schedule of works will look like this:

PAGE 1 Title Page
PAGE 2 The 42 Tests
PAGE 3 Schedule of Faults and Quantities
e.g. Hinge replacement 52 doors
Missing screws 16 doors
PAGE 4 Example photos, at least 1 photo of each type of fault to ensure the Contractor knows what he or she is pricing.
PAGE 5 List of Apartments affected (contact details not provided at this stage)
Old building
  • Whose is responsible for the repairs to residents' doors?

    The legal Property Owner i.e. the leaseholder

  • Can works to private front doors be treated as a communal service charge item?

    No, because service charge monies cannot be spent on matters relating to a non communal areas, i.e., a demised flat.

  • Can works to private front doors be an OPT IN communal programme?

    Yes, by simple agreement the parties can opt in for an additional service and be charged an charge for works to their door.

  • What happens to check if works have been done?

    Ultimately, this decision is a Client decision;

    • Reinspection is an option.
    • Submission of evidence to confirm works are done is an option also.
    • Checking works have been done is important. Depending on the severity of the works a judgement has to be made; for example inspecting whether missing screws have been fitted, could be by way of the owner submitting a photo.
    • For larger works an itemised invoice and photos from an accredited fire door installation company may suffice. Alternatively, re-inspection is an option.
    • The exact strategy is for the Responsible Person to be happy with. As in case of fire, it is they that will have to defend their policy to any Fire Service Investigation.

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