Fire Door Inspection App
Fire Door Inspections App

The Fire Safety Act sets new requirements for fire door inspections depending on the height of a building:

Building over 11 metres

- Apartment doors annually & communal fire doors quarterly

Buildings under 11 metres

- Communal doors 6 monthly

Our Fire Door Inspection App makes light work of booking Apartment Fire Door Inspections; simply set up slots, allocate them or invite residents to book, send reminders, it even issues "no show fines". Post inspection Advice Notes are included as is a full tender pack to send out for remedial works quotes.

  1. Download the App from Google Play or the App Store. Search 'Ringley Group Fire door inspection' App'.

  2. Buy QR codes

    QR codes are really useful for communal doors. They can be fixed top corner and are hidden when the door closes into the frame. The recommended format is for the QR Code to store a unique number. The FDI App scans the QR code, identifies the door which speeds up inspections and ensures any remedial works are carried out to the right door.

  3. QR Code numbers and door descriptions are imported via an excel. There should be one QR code sticker for each communal door leaf. For Apartment doors the Apartment number suffices.

  4. Before you import your excel it is worth thinking about the way you name the doors as the PDF reports names will follow this convention. So you can incorporate property reference numbers if you like, e.g., 3000_001_prospect place_caldy island_apartment 1. When you are ready our App Support Team will import your data and get you set up to make the doors available for inspection.

Table Row QR CODE* Location Unit Entrance Category* Asset Type* Floor Level* Description
Example 000001 Flat 1 1 Main entrance Communal or Apartment Single Door Double Door L/R 1st Floor FD 30/60

Buy QR codes: CLICK HERE

Communal Fire Doors

For large sites we recommend QR code and mport your doors then start inspecting. For smaller sites you can add doors one by one as you go.

Inspections are saved as you go so you can work through a site over time.

Residents Front Doors

Unless you intend to go door knocking, Apartment fire door inspections need to be booked. The App allows you to either;

  1. setup slots and send out invites for Residents to book, or
  2. to book slots and advise them.

Our tool kit supports the booking appointments. To get fully booked days, it is best to release inspections one block at time.


To minimise 'no shows,' invites should be sent to owners, estate agents, and tenants. Owners should be advised of thr bulk booking rate (usually covered by the service charge) and that a 'no show' or an individual appointment as a one-off visit will be considerably more expensive and charged to them.


Fire Door Inspection Journey

The system gives you TWO types of PDF report.
  1. Individual Owners Inspection Certificate
  2. Site Wide or Block by Block Inspection Report bundle
Each Apartment Door Inspection Certificate is a separate PDF report. Reports are easy to read and follow a traffic light system to show pass or fail for each of the 40 tests. The Report then concludes with an Inspection Certificate designated as either:
  • PASS
  • FAIL - Remedial works required
  • FAIL - Replace Door
  • FAIL - Replace Doorset

Owners selling will need to priduce their Firr Door Inspection Certificate as part of the legal pre-sale due diligence LPSE1 enquiries.

To make things easy for Managing Agents, the reports are suitably named; names follow the convention of the EXCEL list initially imported.

Depending on the size of your site you may want the report converted and collated into a Bill of Quantities that is instantly ready for tendering.

A Bill of Quantities will contain this:

1) Title Page
2) Faults and Quantit
e.g. Hinge replacement 52 doors
Missing screws 16 doors
3) QR code and Door locations for each faults
4) Actions required notes for each faults

The government has not made it easy to get fire door remedial works done. Whilst the duty to inspect is now a service charge matter, as Apartment front doors are demised, the remedial works are not. Put simply, The Fire Safety Act 2021 did not change the fact that Flat Owners still 'own' their front doors,.

Whilst service charge monies can be used for the inspection, it is not reasonable for owners to pay for failed inspections and reinspections. We recommend charging 'no show' fines as a Schedule 11 Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 Administration Charge to the Owner in default.

For getting works done, either the owner needs to get works done or to opt into a communal programme.

For owner repairs, the Responsible Person's still needs to check in that works are done. Our system enables this by advising owners how to find a suitably skilled and accredited company and post repairs allowing them to upload evidence of what was done, photos, job sheets etc...

See below the NEXT STEPS emails
- Fire Door PASS - no further action required
- Fire Door FAIL REMEDIAL WORKS REQUIRED - and next steps if action is not taken
- Fire Door FAIL DOORSET REPLACEMENT REQUIRED - and next steps if action is not taken

  • Whose is responsible for the repairs to residents' doors?

    The legal Property Owner i.e. the leaseholder

  • Can works to private front doors be treated as a communal service charge item?

    No, because service charge monies cannot be spent on matters relating to a non communal areas, i.e., a demised flat.

  • Can works to private front doors be an OPT IN communal programme?

    Yes, by simple agreement the parties can opt in for an additional service and be charged an charge for works to their door.

  • What happens to check if works have been done?

    Ultimately, this decision is a Client decision;

    • Reinspection is an option.
    • Submission of evidence to confirm works are done is an option also.
    • Checking works have been done is important. Depending on the severity of the works a judgement has to be made; for example inspecting whether missing screws have been fitted, could be by way of the owner submitting a photo.
    • For larger works an itemised invoice and photos from an accredited fire door installation company may suffice. Alternatively, re-inspection is an option.
    • The exact strategy is for the Responsible Person to be happy with. As in case of fire, it is they that will have to defend their policy to any Fire Service Investigation.

  • How long does a fire door last?

    Fire doors and their frames are usually tested to hold back fire for 30 minutes (FD30) or 60 minutes (FD60). Their ability to withstand fire is dependent on them being properly installed with the correct seals and fire rated hardware including fire door closers.

  • How often do fire doors need to be inspected?

    The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 made it a legal requirement from 23 January 2023 for responsible persons for all multi-occupied residential buildings in England with storeys over 11 metres in height to: 1) undertake quarterly checks of all fire doors in the common parts; 2) undertake – on a best endeavour basis – annual checks of all flat entrance doors that lead onto a building’s common parts.

  • Do you need to be certified to inspect fire doors?

    As laid out in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) 2005, a competent person should carry out an inspections on your fire doors. Fire door inspectors should be approved and qualified to carry out the assessment of your door sets competently.

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