Legal & Tribunals

Not every Managing Agent has the know-how to signpost you when it comes to the tricky stuff. Ringley has a track record of making light work of challenges where others have failed.

With 20+ years experience, most challenges we've usually encountered before

Our aim is to ensure that our property management is backed up by responsive, affordable legal backup. This we deliver through our integrated SLA Regulated company, Ringley Law whose specialist areas are:

Recovery of service charge debts via
  • County Court litigation, and/or
  • Tribunal where a "breach" or "reasonableness" needs to be proved
Legal drafting to
  • grant statutory 90 year lease extensions and 999 year leases
  • vary defective service charge clauses & enable advance collection
  • vary defective insurance clauses
  • form freehold purchase participation agreements
  • execute licence to assign
  • prepare lessees and sub-tenants deed of covenant
  • deal with sub-letting consent
Court & Tribunal presentation
  • Service charge arrears & recoverability
  • Big Works the need & a determination that costs are reasonable
  • Breach of Lease: Alterations, Nuisance….
  • Lease Extension & Freehold Purchase Premiums
  • help when you need a Court Appointed Manager
Supporting those with Absentee Freeholders
  • County Court '"vesting orders' to enable a lease extension or freehold purchase to continue even if the Freeholder cannot be found
  • Tribunal applications to get a "reasonable" premium determined to extend a lease or buy the freehold
Residential Conveyancing
  • Pre-sale enquiries
  • To buy the freehold of your block of flats
Service of Notices
  • s42 Notice to claim a 90 year lease extension
  • s45 Freeholder's Counter Notice where lease extension is sought
  • s13 Notice to enfranchise and buy the freehold of your block
  • s21 Freeholder's Counter Notice where freehold purchase is sought
  • s20 Notice to consult over big works
  • s20 Notice to consult over qualifying long term agreements
  • Tribunal applications to dispense with the requirements to serve a Section 20 consultation notice
  • s79 Notice to claim your right to manage
  • s38 Notice for disrepair to leasehold property
  • s146 Notice seeking forfeiture for breach of covenant
  • s5 Freeholder’s Notice giving leaseholders 1st right of refusal
Company Secretarial functions
  • Formation of Right to Manage companies (RTM Companies)
  • Formation of Right to Enfranchise companies (RTE Companies)
  • Fulfillment of the Company Secretarial role
  • Preparation of resolutions, meeting notice and re-structuring a company to buy the freehold or sell freehold shares to non freehold shareholders
  • Assistance with company de-regulation
  • Clients get an online company secretarial toolbox, AND 84 FREE pre-drafted downloadable resolutions

Buying, selling and managing property can be a complex business.
If you have any questions regarding legal issues please contact Ringley Law.

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