Ringley Integrated Site Staff Solutions

Ringley Integrated Site Staff Solutions waste removal rate card

As part of the services offered by RISSS we can assist in clearing on site rubbish and waste. This may come from a variety of sources, such as fly tipping, or missed bin collections. Below is a brief guide to the indicative costings of rubbish removal, what affects the cost of the removal and additional costs. Large scale removals will be a bespoke pricing structure following consultation, and the below are reflective of one off services, continous removal, for a building project for example, can be POA.

Van Space Estimated Weight Total Estimated Cost Loading Time
Minimum load 100kg £50 to £70 10 mins
Quarter load up to 330kg £90 to £100 20 mins
Half load up to 700kg £150 - £170 30 to 40 mins
Three quarter load up to 900kg £200 - £250 40 to 50 mins
Full load Up to 1,200kg £250 – £290 60 mins
Larger items POA POA n/a

If the rubbish or items to clear are tricky to load, additional loading time of £15 per 30 mins per employee will be applied. In addition, specific items may generate additional fee, due to disposal constraints. The pricing below is applicable if the RISSS is on site or in the immediate vicinity. Should they not be a call out fee of between £50- £70 depending on travel distance will be applicable.

Van Space Van Space
TV £25
Upright fridge/ white goods £75
Single mattress £20
Double mattress £25

If the waste needs to be specially handled- it could be chemical waste, raw meat waste, oil or medical waste- then this will need to be handled by a specialist due to how it has to be disposed of, and will be subcontracted out with an administration charge of £35 incurred in addition. Heavy materials, such as brick or construction debris, will be likely charged due to the weight of the material rather than the volume. The heavier the waste or rubbish, the more expensive it is likely to be. The waste or rubbish removal service my need to bring in specific trucks to efficiently dispose of the waste and the labour time required maybe higher, charged at increments as above. For heavier materials, prices will be higher and should be taken into account beforehand. For large quantities, quotes will be provided in advance. Bags of rubble commonly weigh around 30kg to 50kg.