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If you are dealing with an organisation that calls your customers tenants, it's time to change. Fostering stewardship starts with showcasing the social and environmental offering, so belonging to a community beyond the home is a conscious choice.

"Without multi channel immediate service and engaged and motivated staff on site, the resident experience will fall short."
BTR: Stewardship & Placemaking

A Build-to-Rent development must offer the brand promise of institutional quality product and a speedy responsive that makes light work of whatever arises. Ultimately, it is a promise of an 'above average, social, eco-friendly, modern, hassle-free lifestyle' that residents find an affinity to. By fostering a sense of community spaces become places: curating a wellbeing programme through apps, events, and chat channels are just a few of our community building tools.

Killer propositions that drive word of mouth marketing include immediate superfast broadband, work from home ready, bills included, PV and low bills living. Marketing focusses on presenting the homes as low carbon, cheaper to live in, fire safe, gym, wellness area and coworking included are part of the lifestyle should delight the most discerning consumer.

Great build to rent schemes have green spaces and public realm designed in and connect to the community beyond through local partnerships. Many now foster multi-generational living.

BTR: Brand Activation

We activate the brand through multiple channels: social, portals, local, PR to pre-let homes and build waiting lists. In partnership Ringley can design branding and messaging, set up operations, and plan each resident journey to ensure the brand promise is delivered.

Great build to rent schemes also offer a connection to high-quality public realm, have green spaces designed in and connect to the community beyong through partnerships with local traders. At its best, Build to Rent schemes entice generation rent to stay and grow.

A sense of security:

A sense of security:

A blend of CCTV, proximity access control, reception, concierge, night security, parcel store and someone to take deliveries.

Agile problem solving:

Agile problem solving:

Access to onsite hospitality, cleaning and maintenance teams.

Instant access to services:

Instant access to services:

Tenant portal, tenant app, phone, email, SMS, concierge desk.

In-touch with community:

In-touch with community:

Events, live feed notice boards, newsletters, a ‘keep it local’ loyalty scheme, also all on the tenant app

A range of ‘pay-as-you-go’ luxuries:

A range of ‘pay-as-you-go’ luxuries:

Breakfast in bed, cleaning, linen packs, kitchen packs, guest services (temporary parking, rentable guestroom)

BTR: means Social Spaces

Good build to rent schemes foster community by designing spaces for social interaction: the laundry, postroom, coworking space, clubroom, gym, or gardens they all count. We then build the community by welcomming pets and encouraging residents to expand their horizons and ‘live outside the box’.

  • Lifestyle, Convenience, Value Add
    The well-travelled tech-savvy resident expects multi-channel service on demand. As Asset Manager our task is to curate 'home as a service', life simplified, all mod cons delivered with health & wellbeing thrown in.

  • Health & wellbeing
    We white-labellable a Residents App, curate the wellbeing agenda with conversation starters, nutritional, physiological and feel good advice. Clubs and chat channels enourage residents to find common interests: everything from running to yoga, to herbs you can pick and eat.

BTR: We recruit your Build to Rent team

Our sister company, RISSS (Ringley Integrated Site Staff Solutions), recruits and trains Building Managers, Resident Engagement Officers, Housekeeping Teams, Concierge and Maintenance Engineers and puts the tech that drives accountability in the their hands. Then, we walk each customer journey to ensure that teams hit the ground running.

Tech enables us to keep the site staff compliment keen. Staff are upskilled to carry out ‘check-in’, ‘check-out’ and ‘interim-inspections’ and for some PPM management and 'fire door inspections', in-sourcing reduces OpEx costs and gets the whole site team engaged in site quality.

Training includes RAMS (risk assessments and method statements), we split sites into zones and create Inspection App checklists, so in rotation all areas get inspected, e.g., car parks, lifts, plant warning lights. This way crucial audit trail is captured to evidence health & safety standards that benchmarks ISO45001 - the international standard for Occupational Health & Safety.

Our HR Toolkit includes:

  • 1. The legal stuff

    • Job specs
    • Person specs
    • Job offers
    • Site staff handbook
    • Polices such as: working time directive, lone working, vulnerable persons, whistleblowing, safeguarding etc...
  • 2. The practical stuff

    • Uniforms
    • Structured induction
    • Training Needs Analysis
    • Lifting and manual handling training
    • Accidents & Incidents training
    • Site Staff Ops manual
    • Appraisal scheme
    • Video apps for walk around site staff inspections
    • Portal and dashboard for parcels, premises etc...
    • White labelled Residents App
    • Risk Assessment method statements (RAMS)
    • Permits to work
    • Day books
    • PPM diary
  • 3. The personal development stuff

    Health & Safety Courses to ISO45001
    Site Staff training manual
    Incentivisation schemes to generate google/trust pilot reviews

    Mobilisation of any site is post a full review and premises audit of the site as a workplace to meet requirements set out in ISO45001. Important factors may include: Signage, First aid & PPE, COSHH PUWER & Noise/Vibration prescribed training, Fire Emergency Evacuation Plans (FEEPs) and Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) as well as disaster recovery procedures and all the necessary insurances.

BTR: Mobilisation

Mobilisation is a cross discipline effort

  • Our Asset Managers revisit the demographic profile, customer persona, and enquiries gleaned from PR and hoardings, revisit rent pricing to inform and instruct media, marketing assets and messaging.
  • Our Tech Team raid datarooms to load photos, floor plans, EPCs and compliance docs to get properties marketing ready and on the portals.
  • They set up 'development webpages' to showcase the brand, ESG and build the Residents App.Our Facilities Managers attend plant cause and effect testing, tag assets, set up the asset register and PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) plan.
  • From the Residents App, residents can scan QR Codes on plant to see maintenance records so they feel safe.
  • Our Leasing Teams build the buzz, qualify applicants, tour the amenities and the homes to sell the brand promise as well as all that the development offers.
  • Our Property Management Team process applications, set up the welcome journey, and stand ready to make light work of move-in glitches, furniture issues, repairs, and provide general move-in backup.

BTR: Lease-up means Smart Leasing

Ringley's Living Sectors delivery is delivered through our Una Living brand and is powered by PlanetRent. PlanetRent makes light work of lettings, scripts and guides the process and has numerous fail safe mechanisms to keep you safe governance-wise. Marketing is automated, as is deposit registration and purchase of Reposit (our deposit alternative which gives 8 weeks rent cover). We collect rent from each sharer which minimises arrears. We use lock out periods to ensure that contracts are automatically extended beyond tricky re-let periods.

During lease-up, we deploy additional resources from HQ or call on our roaming site teams.

PlanetRent tracks the move-in and move-out side by side to give clear control. You can schedule reports so you are always in the know, e.g., new lets compliance and move out compliance reports, the onscreen versions in 1 click allow you to upload anything missing and send it to the tenants. We have revenue management tools and tracknover 100 KPIs to provide rich insights.

BTR: Staff on Site

It works best when there are staff on site which is why even for smaller sites, 75 or so homes, we can put part time leasing staff on site, usually to cover weekends and one evening. For larger sites a full staff compliment can be recruited, suited and booted.

All staff are tech enabled and trained to deliver consistent messaging and to treat residents as discerning customers who will judge the product by the service experience they receive.

BTR: Rich Data & Market Analysis

Before launching a new asset we study local market demographics, competing stock, market supply, average time to let and from this confirm the rent pricing and devise the marketing strategy.

Tech enables us to capture some 50+ data points during leasing which provides rich insights to inform Client strategy for future assets.

Our Asset Management Team

The key to our success is our people

Mary-Anne Bowring
Chief Executive Officer
Ian Barber
MD - BTR North
Russell Markou
Head of Living Strategy & Operations
Nick Pratt
Head of Site Staff