Brands & URLs for sale

To drive place attachment you simply must name each building well. To drive rent premium you have to find and celebrate your points of difference.

Next comes finding what is 'your way', and making sure people know if is done 'your way'.

Brand the experience or the Building?

Or both?

We are here to answer these questions and build your brand - an experience and story to be shared.

Each building needs an identity, to become a landmark to give directions by and to, the identity should tie in with the locality, the 'S' aspiration from your ESG strategy and/or the 'E' values.

A portfolio brand is something quite different: it is the promise of an experience, that is consistently delivered visually, practically and that resonates with people as a little different, a little better, a little quirky and through the points of difference creates customer loyalty.

In building a brand our job is to find your uniqueness which may encompass some of the following aspects:

Uniqueness aspects

We partner with an Indian IT warehouse to bring forward branded website designs and we can curate photography and videography to set the mood.

We have a number of good URLs and brands ready to go, for example:
Visit page holder Website
Visit page holder Website
Visit page holder Website
Visit page holder Website

Life Long Living
Visit page holder Website

Class Living

Classy Living

Funky Places

Life Here

Liv Better

Liv Better Life

Lively Places

Live Rent

Live Resi

Living Hubs

Prs Hub

Rent 4 Life

Rent 4 Now

Rent and Live

Rent Live

Resi Pads

So Live

Top Pads

Mi Flat

My Flat

Slick Living

Live Resi

Progressive Places

Ezra Living

Chase Living

Wilber Living

Una Living

Asher Living

Alma Living

Viandi Living

Daisy Living

Clara Living

Ambrose Living

Etta Living

Bea Living

Dandy Living

Otto Living