UK Single Family Housing

UK Single Family Housing: from investment to delivery

Partner with The Ringley Group to deliver your UK BTR single family housing ambition and leverage over 25+ years of residential expertise of running developments that deliver a lifestyle. We put staff on site and deliver you tech enabled operations, that are vertically connected and will drive OpEx efficiencies from day 1. We deliver an enviable lease-up track record, drive premium rents and through scripted tech enabled processes will deliver the consistency that building a brand requires.

Wherever you are in your UK BTR single family housing journey, we can model the OpEx and the IRR, we can jump in to discharge S106 planning obligations, review unit typology and mix, provide insights into supply and demand, demographics and build customer personas. Our Engineers can provide scrutiny on all operational strategies from plant to small M&E, access, CCTV, deliveries and everything in between. We can tell you what is the right-sizing for front and back of house, and how to get the staff out front to deliver the brand. We will analyse stock and saturation and advise on furniture selection, lease up strategy and get the job done.

Beyond stabilising a UK BTR single family development, we will drive premium rents, deliver operational efficiencies, collect scope 2 carbon data, and monitor resident satisfaction. Our proprietary living sectors platform harvests data throughout the journey to track over 100 KPIs and because we operate using the fund chart of accounts in all the disciplines: asset management, operational oversight, facilities management, property management and leasing, we make light work of fund and bank reporting, tracking everything from liquidity ratios to quarterly valuations.

Single Family Housing is a different animal to PRS

100% No instant Wi-Fi
78% Dirt Energy
58% EPC D to G
15% Significant problems with lack of upkeep
14% No adequate parking
Pre 1919 Worst performing

Why Single Family Housing BTR? Why Now?

One of the main factors opening up SFH BTR opportunities comes from the post-pandemic shift towards remote working . The reduction in the necessity of commuting and enables individuals to select a home based on a wider criterion, which they may have otherwise been restricted on. Here comes SFH BTR, offering more space, increased configuration flexibility and a reduction in cost from typical urban living.

Suburban locations provide properties with larger floorplates at better value for money. While there are many who still desire city life, families – who are one of the fastest-growing renter demographics – are predominately seeking greener, quieter and bigger places to call home. From the perspective of an investor, there is typically less demand pressure on rural suburban sites compared with city developments, causing a surplus in supply of larger plot sizes, which means cost advantages can be more easily achieved.

In addition, not all families can afford to buy a home and this coincides with an increasing change of attitudes towards renting itself. Once viewed as a necessity of difficult circumstances, renting is now regarded in the same respect as property ownership and, for many younger families, is their preferred option to find a suitable home.

SFHs as a BTR category certainly offers investors a compelling and complementary investment opportunity to that of multi-family homes. Diversifying these developments will enable investors to take advantage of the strong and increasing demand for rental housing, meeting diverse needs and improving the housing situation of a range of groups.

Brand recognition: Investors have already been able to move residents between multifamily and SFR schemes thanks to brand recognition
Lower tenant turnover: Longer stay than City BTR, majority are families & less transient
Affordability: Unlike City BTR, being suburban generally more affordable (rent to income ratio)
Market dynamics: Levels of rental growth and rate of yield compression has made schemes more viable in recent years
Supply: Lack of rental homes outside of BTL in suburban locations
Demand: As generally suburban, generally more affordable, so wider market demand

ESG in Single Family Housing

The SFH also presents an opportunity for developers to meet the increasing demand to build socially conscious homes. This as an asset class, naturally lends itself to driving ESG forward and is key for developers to prioritise. This combined with the persistent lack of high-quality rental housing in the UK makes SFH a key opening for renters of all ages to benefit from professionally managed property, developed to a high and sustainable standard.

Success in single family housing requires a tech enabled platform that can script and deliver your branded service, white-labelled everywhere. To be infinitely scalable, experience in managing risk and protecting your reputation is key. In addition, the delivery partner should bring a track record of managing a nationwide contractors panel to ISO45001 standards to deliver immediacy and not dilute the brand promise. Other tools required include Apps to manage roaming site staff, maintenance engineers, and those conducting viewings. HQ will deal with branding, marketing, leads and tenancy progression and the tech platform needs to be able to script and provide a deals trading platform that enables all this. Ours, PlanetRent does.

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