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Block Management | 08/08/2022

The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 | Ringley Group

e Fire Safety (England) Regulations is a crucial step toward implementing the Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 report recommendations. The Regulations will be introduced under Article 24 of the Fire Safety Order. It will become law on 23 January 2023.According to the r...

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Block Management | 08/08/2022

No More Ground Rent on New Build Homes | Ringley Group

The UK Government announced recently that ground rent on new leases will not be applied from the 30th June 2022. This is the date that ground rent is scrapped on all new residential leases in parts of the UK, i.e., the date when the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act...

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Block Management | 08/08/2022

Event Space in Camden Town | Ringley Group

Camden is not just about the bustling marketplace or the Regent’s Canal. It also offers some commendable venues for events. Over the past few years, Camden has emerged as one of the top-rated event space destinations for corporate and private parties.Companies planni...

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Block Management | 08/08/2022

UK Property Law: A round up of far-Reaching Changes for Landlords, Tenants, and Leaseholders in 2022 | Ringley Group

Some sweeping changes are coming up in 2022 that may affect the property market in the UK in several ways. These changes encompass licensing rules, tax-related changes, renting processes, and other aspects. New landlord rules and announcements are among the changes o...

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Block Management | 08/08/2022

40 Percent Privately Rented UK Homes Unlikely To Meet New EPC Targets

A recent analysis of the English Housing Survey indicates that as much as 40 percent of privately rented homes in the UK will be unable to achieve the energy-efficiency rating target.  The draft of the policy introduced by the government includes a ‘preferred policy ...

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Block Management | 02/05/2022

The Building Safety Act receives Royal Assent

In short the Building Safety Act 2022 just received Royal Assent.  This means that it is expected that by September 2022 if not earlier it will be law and limitation periods will be extended retrospectively from 12 to 30 years.  And, better still, the route of making...

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Block Management | 29/04/2022

Building Safety Bill becomes Building Safety Act 2022

The Governments Building Safety Bill is an innovative change to building safety legislation that was introduced in draft form in July 2020. The Bill’s purpose is to create a new outlook for the general public’s view on the construction and maintenance of residential ...

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Lease Extension & FH Purchase & Right to Manage | 08/02/2022

Right To Manage – Land Mark Decision - Estate Areas

Right To Manage – Land Mark Decision - Estate AreasSince its introduction by the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002, many leaseholders have acquired the right to manage their block.  By acquiring the right to manage, leaseholders get the right to perform the “m...

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Survey & Valuation | 07/02/2022

The levelling up Agenda - what it really means

The new Levelling Up White Paper of government covers a dramatic reshaping of the private rental sector.Landlords will lose Section 21 eviction powers. According to Housing Secretary Michael Gove, this action will change unfair circumstance where landlords evict tena...

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Block Management | 17/12/2021

Six ways to ensure your Christmas won’t cost the earth!

At Christmas, we generate more waste than any other time. We produce around 300,000 tonnes of cardboard packaging – probably even more this year as we increasingly move to online shopping. With environmental issues now so important, a big question mark hangs over the...

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