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Can you smell a rat?

If you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse, it just did. There are now twice as many rats as people in the UK. While you digest that unpleasant thought, don’t forget that although quieter urban areas and plentiful waste food during the Covid-19 outbreak have boosted ...

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How the pandemic is cutting insurance premiums

Every cloud has a silver lining, and it’s good to find a plus point amidst the doom and gloom of the last few months. So we’re pleased to report that one of the unexpected results of this year’s lockdown restrictions is that home insurance premiums are on a downward ...

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Don't forget - CGT is now due on rental property sold this year

 It’s that time of year again when anyone who has to fill out a self-assessment tax should ensure they’ve not forgotten anything the tax man needs to know about. So if you sold a rental home in the last 12 months, don’t forget to declare it to HMRC. Taxpayers have un...

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Why MPs are siding with leaseholders on cladding

More on cladding today. Leaseholders must not pay cladding costs, says the select committee which has been scrutinising the Government’s draft Building Safety Bill. MPs have reported their findings and there are two key points which give hope to leaseholders in block...

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It's official: no cladding, no EWS1 needed!

There was good news for leaseholders in buildings without cladding last week, as the Government announced they will no longer need an EWS1 form to sell or re-mortgage their property. This should bring some much-needed pre-Christmas cheer to an estimated 450,000-plus ...

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Who's looking at your data - and what could they do with it?

We’re all aware of just how much the companies we deal with know about us - and there is constant debate about whether this is good or bad. Clearly it depends on how that information is used. And it’s not just banks, supermarkets and online retailers who use our digi...

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Two takeaways from the Government’s green plan

Yesterday, the Government announced its new 10-point plan for the ‘Green Industrial Revolution’. A key strand of the strategy is that sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans will end by 2030, to be replaced by electric and hybrid vehicles. Plug-in vehicles, or E...

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Build to rent

Could Build-to-Rent transform suburbia?

As if the property industry hasn’t got enough confusing acronyms, here’s another one: SBTR. This stands for Suburban Build to Rent and it could signal a new direction for the phenomenally successful BTR sector.One of the biggest players in the market, Legal & Gen...

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Leasehld reform: what happens next?

In July 2020, the Law Commission, which has been looking into leasehold reform for the government, published its recommendations for changes to the way the existing leasehold system works. The proposed reforms have implications for everyone living in a leasehold flat...

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Flood insurance: don't put it off

Following a wet and windy weekend, property managers will be inundated with calls from residents facing the fallout from the bad weather. Heavy rainfall means leaking roofs and gutters and localised flooding and we can expect more as we move into winter.So it's timel...

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