Change ahead

Will new cladding criteria get the market moving again?

New research published this week by credit rating experts DBRS Morningstar drills down into the financial consequences of the cladding crisis. The analysis is revealing, illustrating that cladding is much more than a safety hazard. With an estimated 1.5 million flat ...

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Health and safety rental rating is being upgraded – can you help?

The health and safety rating system (HHSRS) that is used for rented housing is being revisited by the Government – and if you're a  landlord you can have your say on how it should change.This will be the first time that the risk assessment system used by local author...

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A Budget of two halves

Yesterday’s Budget was missing two elements: an increase in Capital Gains Tax and financial support for landlords and tenants facing Covid-driven rent arrears. The first omission will have been met with a collective sigh of relief while the second has generated an an...

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Is it time to re-imagine the housing market?

The pandemic has given us all a chance to re-think the way we live and work. For government it presents a very real opportunity for a re-set. Not least in the housing market.The Stamp Duty holiday, now expected to be extended, has been a roaring success, keeping the ...

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Rent signs

10 tips for landlords

Here’s something interesting we came across this week. Bankers Arbuthnot Latham have shared their top tips for letting property. They are worth reading.Don’t skimp on record-keeping – keeping track of income and outgoings is key and up-to-date records help you stay o...

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Build to rent

Do you live in a twenty minute neighbourhood?

In the last year, we’ve all had time to think about the way we live and work. Many of us have made big changes to our lifestyles – and for some those changes will stick. More working from home and less commuting have been major pluses for many. To prove the point, th...

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Yes to Stamp Duty extension - but it's a delicate balance

Pressure is mounting on Chancellor Rishi Sunak to extend the Stamp Duty holiday for homebuyers in his 3 March Budget. Anyone caught up in the homebuying process and unlijkely to complete by the end of March will be keeping their fingers firmly crossed for an extensio...

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How Ringley makes sure your energy bill is accurate

If you live in a house, ensuring you are getting a good deal from your energy supplier is simple if you can be bothered to shop around. But for flat owners and tenants, it’s not so easy. Energy in a bock of flats is a bulk-buy with one contract for the whole building...

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Is the new cladding fund just a leaseholder lottery?

Last week, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick MP announced an extra £3.5 billion to fund replacement cladding on high-rise buildings above 18 metres. Good news? Not entirely.Yes, this is a substantial amount of money and thousands of leaseholders will be hugely relieve...

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Pets and tenants - the new rules!

Regular readers of this blog will know that a new Model Tenancy Agreement has been published by the government. It is a pet-friendly contract that is now recommended for use on all tenancies.We have been pro-pet or some time, and many of our clients are happy for res...

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