Ringley Integrated Site Staff Solutions
Ringley Integrated Site Staff Solutions

We power business in the living sector: BTR, Student, later living and block management. We do so by utilising the best asset a business has: its people. We offer a full 360 solution: We recruit, train, appraise and develop people for you.

We inject motivated and accountable people into spaces to make them become places.

Overview, Mission and Values

We specialise in devising and implementing vertically integrated tech-enabled operational strategies that drive proactive asset management, to deliver value for investors and residents alike. We are ESG enabled and take a whole lifecycle approach drawing from decades of residential experience.

Our Mission

“We inject motivated and accountable people into spaces to make them become places.”

Our Vision

"We collaborate with Clients in the UK living sector so they have more time to run their businesses."

Our Values

Our teams follow a simple creed:
For Security Personnel: Stand up, Smile, Service,Security.
For Office Teams: See it, Set standards, Solve it, Share it.

What we do


We recruit and develop our people, run payroll and offer them a range of motivation and rewards. Screening, job competency testing, TUPE, online quizzes and practical tests all form part.


We train personnel on everything from health & safety to cleaning methodology and fire door inspections. Our teams know our job is to protect you which means audit trail, Apps, inspections and method statements.


With a 25+ year track record in managing buildings, we provide essential services to a property owners, operators and to offices, mixed use developments as well as residential apartment blocks and estates.


We are a data led and focus on keeping you safe governance-wise. Using smart tech we zone sites into small areas and use a range of tools to maintain standards such as: tag points, app inspections, asset tagging and more.

The types of personnel we provide

We provide a wide range of on-site staff, including security staff, leasing personnel, caretakers, cleaners/housekeeping and inventory clerks. All personnel we provide are given a corporate induction, trained, engaged and developed to meet your standards.

  • Concierge & security

    Security means a presence: Our securities are all SIA accredited. They patrol the estate, log in at tag points, and then report incidents and video inspection reports. We upskill our Concierge: they make equipment reset videos for relief staff and ‘how to’ videos for Residents Apps. As well as a presence, our site staff security have customer relationship at the forefront of their operation. “Stand up, see it, smile…”, our staff are the point of engagement for many residents. Our staff work at our clients home, and make every endeavour to make it a happy one.

  • Leasing personnel

    The rental parts of the living sector that we are responsible for: student, BTR, and later-living is to provide staff to support both leasing, management and beyond. Not only can we recruit, induct and train on site leasing staff, we can put tech in their hands to do the deal and get referencing and holding deposits sorted on the spot. We recruit for attributes and train skills: people from a hospitality background, people who listen and can put themselves in others shoes so together they can paint the picture of the applicants living in. We bring not only good people, but also tech and tools for lease-up and onward management. “Leasing is about empathy and emotional intelligence: we recruit for both”.

  • Caretakers

    As nowadays equipment is usually more technical than a screwdriver fix. Our caretakers take an active role in managing the Planned Preventative Maintenance Plan (PPM). Our on-site Maintenance Engineers are there to gather inspection reports to evidence maintenance to relevant law or British Standards. We train our caretaking/ maintenance and facilities management employees in a number of nationally recognised arenas. Through investing in our teams, we can provide the highest quality of service standards. Ringley is recognised as an investor in people through a number of acreditations.

  • Cleaners

    Pride and rewards keep our cleaners on their toes. We provide resident feedback mechanisms, e.g., QR codes on doors or in lift to encourage residents to engage and App Surveys. For larger sites we can build a housekeeping tea and provide Gold, Silver or Bronze Apartment cleans for residents to book through our Residents Apps. Through the use of technology we can provide real time reporting of the cleaning progress, and can report comprehensively to individuals should the need necessitate.

  • Leasing teams

    We support the living sector: student, BTR and later-living. We recruit and train site based staff to help with lease-up, inventories, caretaking, and onward management Leasing is about empathy and emotional intelligence: we recruit for both.
  • Inventory Checks

    • Challenges we face
      • Mass Inventories
      • “As much as 1 to 1.5% of the gross to net can be lost on inventories”

      • People checking-in and checking-out all the time
    • Our solutions
      • Up skill and empower Site Staff to carry out inventories
      • Provide you with backup via our network of Roaming Site Inspectors
      • Connected with PlanetRent, making light work of Move-in and Move-out compliance can become a reality too
      • “We can train your teams & put the tech in their hands”

Daily App based inspections
different zones, different days

Evidence to protect you

Keeping you safe (Health & Safety)

We are ISO45001 accredited (the international standard for occupational health and safety). This governs how we operate: using risk assessments and method statements we plan safety in.

CCTV handling / SIA Licenced

CCTV handling / SIA Licenced

We manage CCTV to assure safety and as covert surveillance where anti-social behaviour is an issue. We put security staff onsite with Apps to record events and tag point to track regular patrols.

Tests / AOVs & Emergency Lighting

Tests / AOVs & Emergency Lighting

We upskill operatives to use apps to document AOV & flick tests and can connect this data to our FM Teams to manage your PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedule).

App based inspections

App based inspections

Using our App suite our qualified Inspectors carry out: Fire Door Inspections, Interim Health & Safety Inspections, Mid-term Inspections and Check-in/Check-Out Inventories

Training / 1st Aid, COSHH…

Training / 1st Aid, COSHH…

Core training includes handling chemicals for COSHH, Risk ALeasing Officers, Resident Services, Front & Back of House - Call Usssessments/Method statements (RAMS) and 1st Aid to comply with Health & Safety Regulations all to ISO45001 level

We maintain high standards

Our teams are trained that if they care, the residents will care. We set out to foster a sense of stewardship so that spaces, become places.

We recognise our people are the face of your development; we equip them with policies, procedures and connect them to HQ systems so they are empowered to serve.

It is our job to create your 1st impression
Housekeeping matters

Tech makes us different

We use tech so that what our teams do is transparent (yes your residents can see what we do). Uniforms drive a higher level of accountability which drives price and encourrages engagement.

Our tech is Open API so can integrate to other tech and feeds:

  • Meter readings & inventories to PlanetRent
  • Fire door inspections booked to the Fire Door Inspection App
  • Actions to the Customer Care workflow dashboard

Our App suite includes tools to route actions to the relevant person or job role. As our brand promise is 100% transparency, tech and Apps helps us enable Clients and residents alike to scrutinise, see, and appreciate, the vital role our teams play.

  • Plant & facilities

    Our teams can identify and categorise all plant and equipment in site to validate or build you a meaningful asset register: including researching product make, model and lifecycle. Informing a structured PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) Schedule being the best way to reduce reactive repairs, get good data to feed Capital Expenditure plans (CapEx), to optimise efficiencies, and ensure adherance to legislation to keep you safe governance-wise.
  • Small works & repairs

    Our small works inspections collect the data you need to prove compliance with best practice including testing fire and life safety sytems, as well as RAMS, COSHH, manual handling, etc...

    With rising labour costs, it is getting harder to get reasonable quotes for small works. Our Small Works Inspection Service exists so that we can group a range of small jobs together. The mini tender doc we prepare comprises a description and photo schedule of what needs doing so we can cut costs for contractors so they can price our schedule. This way when we seek prices we can achieve value for money. “Let’s get the little things done.”

  • Check-in & check-out inventories

    We can power your lettings with our Check-in and Check-out inventory App. It doesn't matter how organised you are as you can add rooms on the go, oh and we will automatically email the inventory to the tenants when you "click". Coupled with PlanetRent (our leasing software) our Inventory App will gather and share useful information to help you calculate your 'operational carbon' footprint and more.
  • Mid-term inspections

    Mid term inspections are critical. By finding any tenant mis-use quickly, warning letters can be triggered so that tenants become aware such behaviour is putting their deposit at risk. And if you use a deposit alternative, most providers will not pay out a deposit claim if mid-term inspections have not been carried out. Our Inventory App converts your Check-in Inventory into a mid-term inspections the structure is all set up for you ready to go.
  • End of shift checklists

    Our Inspection Apps connect you to what is going on in your building(s). It is as simple as 1,2 3: We
    • 1: zone the site into small areas
    • 2: create daily mini-check-lists
    • 3: schedule inspections
    • Actions then get routed to either the Site Manager, Inspector or Customer Care.
      Daily inspections mean that over a week or fortnight the whole site can get ispected in detail, e.g., car parks, lifts, plant, gardens etc… Or plant and equipment such as: emergency lights, smoke alarm tests, AOVs, plant warning lights. End of shift inspections can also evidence cleaning standards, litter picking or that gates or doors are secure
  • Fire door inspections

    Our Fire Door Inspection App (FDI) gives you TWO types of PDF report: (1) an individual Inspection Certificate for each Owner, and, (2) a site Wide or Block by Block consolidated report. Using a traffic light system the reports show whether each of the tests is passed. Depending on the type of door the inspection varies, for example, there are 59 checks on a communal fire door, 47 to a riser cupboard door and 40 for an owners door.
    The outcomes being one of three:
    • PASS
    • FAIL - replace door leaf
    • FAIL - replace doorset
    From 2023 it will be commonplace for Leaseholders in buildings over 11 metres who are selling to need to produce their Fire Door Inspection Certificate as part of their pre-sale process to satisfy the incoming purchaser. Our tech takes care of bookings, administering fines for 'no show' appointments, the inspections, issuing the certificates and compiling all the results into a schedule of works for tender - as well as advice notes for owners depending on how their door fared including how to go about rectification works and what happens if they don't !
    Example Advice Note: https://ringley.co.uk/fire_door_inspection_app/what_to_do_if_your_fire_door_fails_inspection

Soft FM: housekeeping and janitorial services

  • For larger sites, we replace weekly or fortnightly contract cleaning with locally sourced daily cleaning. Less hours, more attendance, better service.

Hard FM: planned preventative maintenance (PPM)

  • Our Engineers create the Plant/Equipment Register, attach QR codes, database details and build the PPM calendar setting out what maintenance or inspections are required by law or to meet the relevant British Standard. We then place contracts, database inspection reports, and either raise works orders or instruct you what works need to be done. Whichever way you prefer, you get a full calendar view of what’s due and instant audit of what has been done.

Connect with us

The key to our success is our people. We offer a range of cleaning and housekeeping services including emergency light tests, fire door tests and waste removal. Click to see our schedule of waste removal rates.

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Nick Pratt
Head of Site Staff
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Kate Robinson
Head of Block Management - London & SE
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Chris Curtis
Operations Director

Ringley Integrated Reviews

"My review relates to a Cleaning Team response at Duncansby House car park. An incident was dealt with thoroughly with a positive outcome."

Phil Johnson

"The cleaning team, really go above and beyond. I am a mum, I have a push chair and my block has no elevator and she kindly helped my son and I"

Mwaba C Mumba-elkin Dartford

"I’m the owner of the flat at The Holland and I would like to give my review about the cleaning team! Such a great job! She is very helpful, hard working and always smiling on top of that!!! "

Kamila Ganczak Dartford

"We hire friendly people and empower them to delight."

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