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Block Management Overview

Management is about the minutia done well. It takes a team across a range of disciplines to deal with the multiple facets of block and estate management: politics, building pathology, finance, legal knowhow and of course customer service too.

At Ringley we believe in joined up thinking and commit to signpost Clients on all things property - even if outside our day-to-day management remit

Our true business is building relationships with our people. Our people really know that they can make a difference to our residents. We match our people to what each site needs to be achieved, with you in mind. We lead the market in transparency and focusing on risk, cash, repairs and place making, usually in that order.

We are not shy of hard work and believe our ability to get stuck in and find solutions that sets us apart. We are innovative to the core and committed to implementing good ideas in pursuit of 5* service.

Being who we are would be impossible without our passionately committed people, whose qualifications we sponsor and who we support professionally to be the best they can be, as achieving a national training award and our Silver IIP status confirms.

History of Stockport

History of Stockport

The name of the borough was derived from two saxon words: STOC – a stockaded place or castle, and PORT – a wood. Literally, a castle in a wood. There is sufficient evidence that a stronghold existed in the vicinity in ancient British times as well as early Roman times. ... One of those feudal barons was the Baron of Stockport


In the 16th Century , Stockport had originaly been a small town located on the south bank of the Mersey , known for the cultivation of hemp and manufacture of rope! Then later on in the 18th century it had one of the first merchandised silk factories in the British Isles.

New developments in Stockport


Stockport is fast becoming the top property hots spots especially for swanky new apartments and homes , some examples are :

Lee Street , Stockport

This development is actually located where the former police sation was in stockport , it is made up of one , two and three bedroom apartments.

Aspenwood Grange

Marple Dale , Stockport

This new development is made up of two bedroom bungalows , four and five bedroom homes. Featuring close proximitiy to River Goyt and many shops.

What our CEO, Mary Anne Bowring, likes about Stockport

Yes I have been watching Stockport develop over the past few years and really is one borough oozing with potential. Did you know that in Stockport , the famous ' The Plaza' dates back to 1932 , and actually is recognised globally as being the last building of this nature which is still in the same format as it was all those years ago!

What is Stockport famous for ?

One of the many things that this area is known for is that Stockport was famous for hat production. In Stockport well over 6 million hates were exported all around the world, meaning that there was a little bit of Stockport in so many cities and countries

Additionally Stockport is not just home to quite a few famous landmarks but even Strawberry Studios had  operated in Stockport from 1968 to 1993 and while it was owned and used by 10cc, a range of massive artists recorded at the studio. Joy Division and The Stone Roses are not just two of the best Manchester and UK acts of all time, they both recorded in Manchester. Paul McCartney has also recorded tracks in the studio.

Things to do in Stockport...

Well there is all sorts to get up to in Stockport for everyoen , if you enjoy learning about the past then you can visit many different types of museums such as the Avro Heritage museum , the Hat Works museum of Hatting , or perhaps instead of learning about the area , visit its landmarks such as the St Elizabeth Church , War Memorial , The Plaza

From Marple locks to the Etherow contry parks , there are many ourdoor and indoor activities availbe too for the public as well as the Mersey way shopping centre and Robinsons Brewrey if shopping is more your thing.

Stockport Block Mangement By Ringley.



Top 3 Block Management Companies in Stockport

Ringley Group – specialising in the block management of residential and regeneration consultancy

Spencer Harvey Estate and Letting Agents located at 137 Shaw Heath

Bridgfords Sales and Letting Agents Stockport located at Merseyway Shopping centre

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