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Robert Barber - Ringley Law - 06/01/2022 "My experience with Ringley, notably with Adrian Kwok and Karl Bradley, has been extremely positive, the team work in sync to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend Ringleys to manage your property and property finances."

Chris Kitching - Ringley Law - 22/05/2021 "Had a viewing with Joanne at a couple of Life by Ringley properties. The viewing was conducted in a professional manner and was highly informative. Joanne and the team have also been responsive and helpful post-viewing in helping me find a property and answering any queries I had."

Mr G - Ringley Law - 24/05/2019 "I have now known and worked with Lee, Partner of Ringley Law for 4 years and he has given us a service second to none. We have managed to achieve something that's never been done in this companies 40 year history. Taken on one of the largest Solicitors firms in London and we managed to buy the Freehold of our block of flats in NW London. Lee always goes over and above what is required. He knows property law and the processes that needs to be followed so ensure the right outcome. I would have absolutely no problem recommending him to anyone that needs his expertise. Subsequently he has managed to get some more work following this with another landlord and from what I hear they are doing just fine as well. "

Mr B - Ringley Law - 24/05/2019 "I have worked with (and against!) numerous lawyers during my corporate lives, in New York, Toronto, Boston, San Francisco, Dallas, etc, (I will be 74 next birthday) and have come to value the delicate balance between the lawyer taking instruction from the client and the client taking advice from his lawyer. Not all lawyers do well at that but you are one of the few. "

Mr W - Ringley Law - 05/07/2018 "Leo has been efficient, quick and on-point in helping with paperwork needed in a professional and timely manner."

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