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Angela - Estates - 21/02/2022 - London City "Disha was super useful last Saturday when the whole building was left without water because of an interruption of power to the pump. She kept texting me, providing updates and it was really reassuring to know that on the other side of the phone there was someone that was truly listening to what was going on. She took feedback onboard and understood our point of view. She also sent super helpful emails to the residents. I do not think you could get any better customer service anywhere. I wish she was our property manager as she was truly exceptional and went above and beyond her duty to make us feel looked after!"

Bob Free - Estates - 16/02/2022 - London City "Five star comment"

Maxine Newham - Estates - 15/02/2022 - London City "As a leaseholder, I feel that we are constantly kept up to date with matters relating to the development. Also recognising the hard work and commitment the team have put in, dealing with the fire cladding issue."

Jonathan Small - Estates - 15/02/2022 - London City "They are definitely harder working, more accountable & accessible than any of the previous management companies I have had dealings with. Keep up the good work all."

Joanne Brunger - Estates - 11/02/2022 - London City "RE: Disha Ladha Property Manager Dear Maryanne I just wanted to reach out Disha Ladha just stands out - she is just such a lovely person to work for-she pulls us up (nicely) when there is a problem and works with us to make it right , and she listens to us when we have a problem and again works with us to make it right. She answersemails so promptlyand always courteously She PRAISES our work, this is a rare thing in this industry - please see a recent comment she made about our work which I will pass to my team and this will lift them. Comments like this make us WANT to go that extra mile for our PM and we will and do I completely agree with you, this is not an easy site to manage. But your team is doing an incredible job. I just feel in the age of negativity , we shouldn'tpass up the opportunity to praisegood, good people and Disha Ladha is up there with the best. Thank you Jo Brunger"

Lee Tyas - Estates - 11/02/2022 - London City "John really helped with a leak from the flat above and was really helpful in getting the problem sorted, he’s a genuine delight to deal with and a testament to the company."

Dave Butler - Estates - 04/12/2022 - Manchester City "Jon Curtis & Maryanne Bowring shared their expertise in Building and Fire Safety again on a UKAA webinar today. Many Thanks"

Dave Butler - Estates - 04/02/2022 - London City "Jon Curtis & Maryanne Bowring shared their expertise in Building and Fire Safety again on a UKAA webinar today. Many Thanks"

Dee - Agency - 16/02/2022 - Manchester City "Recently moved and my experience was smooth. Georgia is helpful and responding quickly if any issues."

DC - Agency - 05/02/2022 - Manchester City "I work with Life by Ringely in a professional capacity. Georgia is always professional, helpful and provides prompt responses. I highly recommend this letting agency, thank you for your help and helping us get the best support for our tenants."

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