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Michael - Estates - 28/04/2022 - Camden "Things are getting better at Goddard Place In the past, we at Goddard Place have often been disappointed by Ringley’s lack of efficiency regarding solving problems on the development; indeed, there was often a perceived lack of interest in our views. This has changed radically since Adele Robert’s was appointed Relationships Manager. She and her team have made a great difference to the way the development is managed as she thinks of us as a community and not as a problem. There will always be problems, but I for one now am confident that they will be resolved properly and as speedily as possible. Thank you, Adele"

Owner - Estates - 29/03/2022 - Hackney "Catherine Griffin has been the PM at Albert Close in Hackney and has been like a breath of fresh air since she took over. Her whole approach is positive, with a can-do attitude and this is a huge improvement from the previous PM. A site visit this morning was mentioned, and Catherine was very receptive to comments; polar opposite to what they're used to. "

Angela - Estates - 21/02/2022 "Disha was super useful last Saturday when the whole building was left without water because of an interruption of power to the pump. She kept texting me, providing updates and it was really reassuring to know that on the other side of the phone there was someone that was truly listening to what was going on. She took feedback onboard and understood our point of view. She also sent super helpful emails to the residents. I do not think you could get any better customer service anywhere. I wish she was our property manager as she was truly exceptional and went above and beyond her duty to make us feel looked after!"

Rhys - Estates - 23/02/2022 "Had a fantastic experience with the lady at the concierge (Mandy) Extremely helpful, polite and a brilliant ambassador for your company!"

DAVID FORD - Estates - 28/02/2022 "Great company to work for as a contractor,still meeting new staff on the Ringley team they all seem very nice and helpful. Byron is very precise in the work he wants doing and we communicate well to get the jobs completed. Look forward to working more with these people as its a good working atmosphere. "

Subir Misra - Estates - 01/03/2022 "I would like to say thank you to Byron, Assistant Facilities Manager for Ringley in Prospect Place. Byron is very helpful and understanding, always wanting to help and asking for feedback. A really great guy to have on your team."

Bailey - Estates - 07/03/2022 "I would like to say how amazing Mandy has been with supporting me. She has gone above and beyond to support my anxiety. To top it off has offered me support whilst I got ill with covid and had to isolate. Very professional and polite!"

Claire Wiggins - Estates - 11/03/2022 "I have dealt with Ringley for two years. They were very responsive and helpful when i requested for any support. There was one member that stood out who went above and beyond and that was Disha - thank you"

Chelsea - Agency - 21/02/2022 - Manchester City "THANK YOU SO MUCH JOANNE!, Joanne & the rest of the team you were amazing, superb communication, friendly manner and you made my difficult situation of moving so easy and smooth, once I am finally settled you are more than welcome to have a house warming drink!. Honestly thank you again. Chelsea xxx"

Chris Kitching (MacSwish) - Agency - 18/02/2022 - Manchester City "Georgia handled apartment inspection well."

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