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Customer - Estates - 29/02/2024 "They are certainly better than the last management agency. The grounds are much nicer, less litter and tidier gardens etc. Ringley also respond to emails really quickly which is refreshing. They genuinely seem interested in helping with some issues. Just the usual, opaque and ever increasing yearly charges lets them down. I honestly don’t know where all the money goes! Also their choice of third party agents in Cardiff is questionable. For example, they have invited a rather rogue group of parking wardens to fine and harass residents for even more money! Don’t expect any help from Ringley if you get fined unfairly. It’s free money for them at the end of the day! Oh and god forbid that you are disabled as our poor neighbour found out, having to defend herself in court for simply parking in a disabled bay. I will be interested to see how things play out going forward with the new Leasehold Bill being discussed in Parliament. Hopefully change for the better for everyone."

Bobby Barker - Agency - 27/02/2024 - Manchester "The property management team in the London office who I extensively deal with are great to work with! The management is impeccable and attention to detail is second to none! "

Bobby Barker - Agency - 27/02/2024 - Manchester "I deal extensively with the team in the Manchester office and I have to say they are one of the most professional clients I have had the pleasure to deal with. Would recommend to anyone"

Dan Read - Ringley Law - 24/02/2024 "The customer service during the sale of my apartment was brilliant, the team were extremely professional and efficient in dealing with any requests and ensuring the process went as smoothly as possible. This all led to a trouble-free exchange and a great experience with Ringley who I would 100% recommend."

Zeleke Kassahun - Agency - 22/02/2024 - Manchester "Extremely friendly staff, I appreciate all your level of service and what you did for me."

Simon Champion - Estates - 22/02/2024 "Thank u so much for sorting my door out in my flat very profession and done in a day couldn't ask for more"

Muhammad Shahzad - Agency - 20/02/2024 - Manchester "Very helpful and showed us the apartments in detail and also showed us similar apartments in the building as well. Thank you for your help."

Ana Filipa Viana - Agency - 20/02/2024 - Manchester "Very friendly, able to answer all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable. Even offered to show me other apartments besides the one I booked for. Great experience!"

Phil Johnson - Estates - 05/02/2024 "My review relates to a Cleaning Team response at Duncansby House car park. An incident was dealt with thoroughly with a positive outcome."

David Dann - Agency - 14/02/2024 - Manchester "Always available and helpful. Totally professional and friendly,makes every process easy. Super patient in all aspects. Great work."

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