What our customers are saying

"Just to let you know that the redecoration is now almost completed. And to thank you for your very helpful approach re this and other matters raised with you. Much appreciated. (He thought the insurance company knew about his claim by the previous agent. They didn’t and they were reluctant to accept the claim due to the time lapse. They accepted the claim and said he had to pay the current excess under the policy which was considerably higher as the previous agent hadn’t made the claim but Denise got the excess reduced from £750 to £250. The initial claim was made in 2011 and only went through in January 2013). " Mr P- 334

"Thank you guys for your work again! (The owner contacted us with a complaint about smoking in the communal hallways. We sent a letter out and she wanted more to be done)." Ms V- 333

"My issue with smells is not fully resolved yet but the EPS guys who have been dealing with it are very good. They appear competent and are keen to do a good job. I understand they are also now looking after the boiler, which should be good news. Also once I got Denise’s attention on this matter she has been very helpful and diligent in following up" Ms H- 329

"You’ve been really helpful and patient with your time, I really appreciate it. I don’t often call but when you’re in a predicament and don’t know what to do or where to go it’s nice to have advice. It’s helpful to know things can be escalated. I needed some guidance on making an insurance claim and updating my details. I was given my log-in details and spoke to someone who was able to answer my queries and put me in the direction of others who could help too. I also used the opportunity to sign up for email demands and site news as this would be easier and going paperless meant not wasting paper. (Found out information and helped an owner to go through the process of making an insurance claim and updating their contact details. Also talked to the owner about receiving demands and site news by email and they signed up to this). " Ms D- 328

"Your letter, does of course, follow our recent telephone conversation and I thank you for taking this matter up on behalf of the leaseholders." Mr C- 327

"May I also thank you for doing all the hard work since you have taken over. There is already an improvement in the work done and the place is starting to look abit decent. Well done and thank you. " Ms R- 326

"It's been very good to talk to you. You're a good representative of the company”. " Mr K- 325

"I love the fact that you're so on the ball. Dilber and Karen are top bananas and this is the only PMC that even really notices tbh. (A contractor replied after we were fixing a technical glitch in our automatic site visit emails which go out out to owners to let them know when we are doing the next site visit. The contractor commented that Ringley are on the ball, staff are top bananas and Ringley are the only property management company that notices the detail in work to be honest). " Gardenfix (Contractor)- 324

"Thank you for your kind letter of 24 September 2012. We are impressed that our feedback about the subletting letter has been appreciated, promptly raised and acted upon at your Chairman's Meeting, and that your Legal Department will be reviewing the wording. The subletting letter raises important issues that are no doubt sometimes ignored by leaseholders, and contains useful advice, and we feel that just a few adjustments in its wording would improve it no end. We are pleased that Ringley have found the feedback helpful and received it in the positive spirit in which it was ended, and most grateful for the kind and unexpected M&S Night-In Voucher. Thank you very much on behalf of both of us. (Owner felt the subletting letter was too strong. We wrote to them on the same day the issue was discussed at the Chairman's Meeting and said our Legal Department would be looking at the wording of the subletting letter. We thanked the owner, saying that feedback, such as the one they gave, helps us improve as a company and as our way of saying thanks for letting us know how they felt we could do better, we sent them a £10 M & S Night-In Voucher). " Mr T- 323

"Thanks very much for your letter of 16 October (ref GT1009), received today, and indeed for your thoughtful email of 2 October. We appreciate the update and the trouble you have taken to keep us informed. We admire what appears to be the characteristic care that Ringley has taken to address the issue, and are glad that you found our comments useful. (Owner felt the subletting letter was too strong. We thanked them again for their letter suggesting that we review our subletting letters. We informed them that we had conducted an internal review of the correspondence regarding the subletting of properties managed by Ringley and revised the letters and we had also consulted an external consultant to review these documents). " Mr T- 322

"I would like to commend Ringley for bring health and safety to the forefront at College Court and their attention to fire safety in particular. " Mr G- 321

"This is great, thanks a lot one more time for all your help. I feel much better now when we received the new code and managed to submit an annual return. " Ms S- 320

"That's very helpful.... thank you so much for these efforts and for the updates/communications. (Jasper resolved an issue and promoted our services such as demands by email, which the owner signed up to)." Mr H- 319

"Finally got round to looking at this. It appears it has gone through OK on your system. Thank you for all your help. (A contractor on Ringley Panel was having problems logging in and had put the wrong purchase order number on the invoice. Karen helped sort this out for them via our I.T. Department)." Access Buzzers- 318

"The outside cigarette ashtray has now been moved and I wanted to thank you for your help with this." Ms D- 317

"I know we are not an easy block to manage due to various obvious dynamics and thank you for all your efforts. I know exactly how difficult it can be to get everyone on board when decisions need to be made. You are doing a great job for us, so thanks for all your efforts. Good luck! " Ms R- 316

"The block has been in the company's care for over a year. Since you have taken over things have been kicked back into shape " Mr O'B- 315

"Think the service has been great from yourself and Luke and would be more than happy to recommend you. " Ms W- 314

"You've got a brilliant website. You download all the stuff. It's clear. I think you are probably the only person on this planet to understand that its unfair for small blocks to pay big managing agents fees. Thank you, so compliments to the chef." Ms E- 313

"When Nick (the previous Property Manager of the site) left, I thought that he would be a hard act to follow. However, Mitun has proved a worthy successor of Nick. He is very efficient, responsive and takes his work to heart. In my opinion, he is an asset to the company. " Ms S- 312

"I have been a resident at Granville Place (Elm Park) for over 3 years, the level of service I have received via Ringley has been without mentioning of very high standards, the quality to respond and customer service to the leaseholders has been presented with great care and attention. Ringley's immaculate service has always been well awarded and trusted " Ms K- 311

"First, I would like to express my gratitude for the management after the fire. I am very impressed on how quickly the situation was managed and also thanks for keeping us up to date. The fire marshalls are also very professional, please pass this comment to their manager. (Client thanked us for reacting quickly when there was a fire on a site)." Ms S- 310

"Just a quick message Shabana to say thank you for the promptness and professional response to this. Much appreciated. (Client thanked us for reacting quickly when there was a fire on a site)." Mr K- 309

"I would like to add my thanks to your Dilber. She was here between 7pm and 9pm last night, a service I might add well beyond expectations. (Dilber helped out to do a site visit, she was trained as it isn't normally a job she does and this was appreciated by the owner). " Mr R- 308

"Thank you so much for sorting out so quickly. (This ladies tenants lost their keys - she was quite distressed and needed new ones sent ASAP)." Ms Z- 307