What our customers are saying

"Dear Girish, I really appreciate your effort to sort out this issue, Looking forward for your good cooperation. (This was in relation to setting-up a new owner of a property onto our system) " Mr M- 418

"Thanks Mitun for working on our side and doing a great job." Mr L- 416

"Thanks very much to everyone for their efforts on this. (Following bad weather some ridge tiles had fallen off Mundania Court, leaving other tiles at risk of falling. With high 70 mile per hour winds forecast Ringley made light work of arranging a security guard overnight to make sure people did not walk alongside the flank wall of the building and get hit by falling tiles. By 8am the next morning scaffolders were on site and formally cordoned off the area and built a protective covered walkway up to the front door to protect residents and visitors. To protect the management company Directors the issue was logged with both the Police and Southwark Council. Long term repairs were put in hand shortly after." Mr D- 415

"Hi Racheal, Just a quick note to thank you for your prompt assistance regarding the payment. " Ms R- 414

"Thank you for informing me of the repair and the full report of work that was carried out. I was getting very concerned regarding the damp that was occurring inside my property so hopefully this repair will correct the problem for the tenants. Please pass on my thanks to your team for dealing with this problem. Well done Ringley. " Mr B- 412

"Having signed off the works today, I must compliment all parties (Ringley and the contractor) on a job very well done. Having managed many projects in my professional life, everything was handled in a professional manner and with a faultless result. Many thanks to all involved. (This is in relation to the internal and external major works project we finished). " Mr M- 408

"Dear Mary-Anne, Many thanks for your prompt response to my emergency water stop cock leakage problem on Tuesday, 24 September 2013. It was the first stop cock that has had to be replaced in Riverside Plaza for 17 years. I may say that Cresco Services arrived at approximately 1.00 p.m. assessed, stated the two options and replaced the stop cock all within the hour in a very efficient way. Your Ringley booklet was also invaluable..... Again many thanks." Ms A- 406

"Dear Mary-Anne, As a resident of Fawe Street, I'd like to send a note of thanks to Simon (via yourself) for all the work he's doing in dealing with the email overload and enquiries presented by a non-Director resident. It's not an easy position to have to maintain and I know I speak for others in extending our appreciation. " Ms U- 404

"James, just a quick note to say how impressed I am already with your level of service - I logged on to your site to get a copy of our insurance certificate. When I couldn't access it I called your number and was helped very quickly and an email with it was sent straight away by a very helpful lady. I looked at your last inspection report which seems very thorough too. Well done for making such a good start. " Mr G- 403

"I just wanted to pass on my thanks to a lady at Ringley who I spoke to on Monday 5th August 2013. Someone had left a bicycle chained to the metal ring on the back wall of my undercover parking space and I rang to seek advice from Katie about what to do to get it removed. Katie was already on the phone so I spoke to one of her colleagues, who was very helpful. She advised me that if the owner had not responded to the note that I left on the bicycle asking them not to leave it there in a couple of days, she would ask the caretaker to remove it. As it turned out, fortunately the owner had removed it by the end of the following day, in response to my note, but it was very reassuring to know that I had support from Ringley and that action would be taken if necessary." Ms M- 402

"Hi Lisa, Just looked at your e-mail and would like to thank you for your rapid response regarding the motorbike parked opposite my bay. After 3 weeks of phone calls to the parking company without any success, then just one phone call to you and problem resolved. Thank you again, you're a star. " Mr B- 400

"When you got involved you took responsibility for the issue, found out what to do, chased things up and this resulted in the car being moved. You also kept me informed with what was going on which is such an important aspect of customer service. (Resolving a dumped vehicle issue)." Mr N- 399

"It's very kind of you, thank you. That's super. Thank u so much for that. That was a job I was putting off but you sorted it all out. You're a superstar. Thank you very much. (Giving details of who Property Managers were for various sites as they wanted to send renewal quotes in relation to a number of fire alarms and emergency lights)." Elite Fire Protection Ltd - 389

"AMAZING !!!! Great news. after finding it impossible to sell my flat due to an awful landlord frustrating every process and it being impossible to buy the freehold, finally with the help of Ringley legal we're on our way to a well managed block and my flat becoming a sellable asset. (Freeholder was missing. No managing agent. Four flats. We were instructed re the RTM process)." Ms W- 387

"I think we got good updates and it seems to me that we’re coming to the end and can see the light. I’m happy with the explanations on the accounts and thanks for the additional colour below on increase. Thanks again for the way you’re running our site. It’s appreciated as you could hear last night from various residents. (Feedback after the AGM)." Mr K- 385

"You have been very helpful and took the trouble to get back to me." Kingsgate Developments (Contractor)- 383

"Your updates are amazing! I was just writing a message to my "Woodlands Residents" list when this message arrived from you. I was not expecting it. Many thanks for you excellent service! " Mr W- 382

"Hi Mitun, Thank you very much for dealing with my request so quickly. I am pleased to advise that the car was moved yesterday evening. I am really impressed by how fast you have dealt with this matter and the level of service provided. " Mr C- 381

"Firstly thanks for the current upkeep of the estate. I know it's over a year since Ringley took over, but you can see the difference in the gardens, cleanliness of public spaces and general correspondence is far better than the previous management company. " Mr B- 380

"Dear Denise, Good to see you. Thank you for the excellent job and my congratulations to Mary-Anne for managing the miserable task of Chairperson of The AGM. " Mr S- 379

"Hi Mary-Anne, We're about 3 months into our management contract with Ringley now and I just wanted to provide some brief feedback regarding Simon. I appreciate 3 months isn't a long time but I get the impression Simon has done a lot of work in that time! I think getting to grips with the historical issues at Carter House has been more difficult than expected however Simon has dealt with this extremely well. It's early days but I have been impressed with Simon's proactivity and project management skills. There is a long list of issues but Simon is prioritising them in a sensible way and ensuring we get value for money." Mr W- 378

"Director, at the meeting thanked Lisa for her hard work, looking after and caring for the site. Lisa took over and got the works completed with 9 months. They look forward to working with Lisa in the future." Mr B- 377

"The last year has not been without its issues. What has impressed us particularly are the points: 1. Mitun always responds promptly and sets out what the possible solutions will be and, where possible, a timescale for dealing with problems. 2. Once a situation is 'in the pipeline' he has always then kept us informed. There is nothing so anxious making as a feeling that 'the line has gone dead' and therefore not knowing whether or not someone out there is actually still mindful of the situation. 3. His approach is always courteous and friendly whilst remaining professional. One senses that one is relating to a human being and being treated with respect and understanding whilst remaining at a high professional level. He clearly thinks things through and is capable of acting. Mitun is, in our opinion, a very good front man for your company, efficient, professional, personable. " Mr C & Mr T- 376

"I just wanted to drop you a line to express my appreciation of the speed and efficiency of Debra Date, who I spoke to on the phone yesterday, when she very quickly pulled together some information regarding a long standing problem we have been experiencing at our property. I now feel I have enough of an overview on how things stand to see an end to what has taken an age to sort out." Ms C- 375

"Everytime I call Ringley I never get ‘no’ but you’ve been so great, so helpful. Thank you so much. (Dilber found out information about the windows and called back to give this information). " Ms S- 374