What our customers are saying

"I appreciate your response as usual. It means a lot. Thank you very much indeed." Mr W- 359

"Thanks Girish for keeping me in the loop. Much appreciated. (Updating an owner)." Ms T- 358

"My initial phone call to Ringley was made at 12.22. I asked if she could locate a copy of the last AGM minutes in your absence. She politely put me on hold, made inquiries and got back to me within a minute. She asked me if I would like a copy, to which I said yes, and confirmed my e-mail address from your records. I received an e-mail from her at 12.28. Very impressive. Her responses to my requests were clear, and she obviously has a "can do" attitude. Whilst most of us complain about poor service we get from certain companies (especially utilities), I will always take time to compliment good service. Dilber deserves recognition for the manner in which she represents Ringley, and I am pleased that you will make such a recommendation." Mr F- 357

"I note that you have included an A3 print out of the budget and breakdown of reserve B demand, and I just wanted to say that I have found it extremely informative - it has the right level of details and given the currently high level of demands it is very useful for us owners to figure out what is the run-rate, what is a one-off and what we are actually paying for. If one bothers to read it that is! I have also found the letter you attached on the front very useful. I hope that you will keep this piece of good work going in the future. " Mr L- 356

"Thank you for so much additional positive information. Congratulations to your firm and the Directors, I look forward to further news as appropriate. (We achieved closure on a day 1 legal drafting mess where leases between 2 solicitors on the same scheme did not match up leaving people to pay for "unreasonable" expenditure they did not benefit from. After a tough negotiation and lease variation we reduced owners balancing charges from £30,335 to £8,111.00)." Mr S- 355

"I would like to thank you for the phone call you made, time you invested and for your concern. It's really appreciated. Any understanding shown to us is like gold dust. Living in these conditions for so long is truly heart wrenching so to feel that you still wanted to sort a few old remaining matters that apparently have not yet been solved is heart-warming. (This was in relation to updating an owner about an on-going works dispute)." Mr W- 354

"You should be offered an Employee Of The Year Award. (This was in relation to updating an owner about an on-going works dispute)." Mr W- 353

"Hi Girish, Thank you for your help and getting back to me so quickly. (Getting information passed onto the Site Inspector for the upcoming site visit)." Ms H- 352

"Dear Girish, It was a pleasure to speak to you today. Thank you for taking so much time to help me with my questions. You were very helpful." Ms A- 351

"Hi Mario, Thank you for your help with the Housing Association when they wouldn't fix the leak from their flats into our offices. I especially appreciated your persistence when they were dodging your phone calls and not keeping the appointments they made. It made a lot of difference to us when we knew that you were on the case. (This was regarding a leak from the flats above owned by the housing association. The were dodging Mario's calls and being very difficult and really frustrating to the customer and Mario. After well over a week Mario had to say to the housing association that we would cut off the water if the leak wasn't fixed in 24 hours. They went out and fixed the leak to the relief of the customer)." Ms B- 350

"Hi Mario, Thank you very much for the good news, you have made my day! You have actually solved the first of the three issues, and I hope the rest will follow with the help of Sabrina and Nick. I really appreciate your perseverence and hard work, especially as I know that you are new at Ringley and therefore having to make an extra effort." Ms M- 349

"I must admit that the jobs done in the last couple of years have been excellent. (Works previously done were not satisfactory such as putting up guttering to catch water rather than resolving the leak. As a result, contractors were changed, leading to an improvement in the works carried out)." Dr K- 348

"As a landlord of two properties in Geneva Court, the Ringley Maintenance Company, when compared with OM Peverel, the difference is like black and white. As soon as Ringley took over from OM Peverel at Geneva Court the service and maintenance changed dramatically for the better. Ringley are far more communicative with tenants, their management team at Geneva Court are very on the ball, highly pro-active, I receive regular e-mail updates and progress reports both on work in progress and future projects. Moreover, Ringley also invite the tenants to meetings, discussing with them matters pertaining to the building and involving them in the decision making process, making for a far more harmonious atmosphere all round. The above was never the case with OM Peverel. All in all, in my opinion, Ringley is a far better company to work with, are more efficient and give better value." Mr N- 347

"Ringley - Keep up the good work! Thank you for helping us in getting about £13k + back from EDF. (Previous managing agent Peverel paid bills in error to EDF. We went to the Ombudsman and managed to get a refund of 13k from them)." Mr G- 346

"You are the management company for our block of flats and you are doing a splendid job. (After an era of over charging and wrongly charging by Peverel)." Mr F- 345

"Thanks for your help in getting this done as quickly as possible and for keeping me informed. I am indebted to you. I really got off cheap! I'm sure you are worth that, and than some! Next time I have another valuation you will be my first pick. It was nice doing business with you. (We received 2 instructions for million pound properties to be valued, we booked the inspections for the next day and at very polite request of the customer turned the reports around in 3 days and e-mailed them straight over to the bank and let the customer know)." Mr S- 344

"Thank you for swift resolution of this. (Ringley took over after a period of self management where matters needed more organisation to find a common purpose out of residents different agendas. A sale was being frustrated due to a 'alterations' issue. Ringley got on top of it quick, helped the Directors find a way forward. The sale was not lost)!" Mr A- 343

"I am so sorry you have had this experience with all of us. I agree you should not have to experience this. Just wanted to know that most of us in the building do appreciate everything Ringley have done and are very pleased with how you have progressed things along. (After a dispute between owners and a mediation case that racked up over £20,000 costs against the owners, the directors resigned and infighting began. Ringley facilitated a meeting and were appointed as sold Director/Chair to bring back some common purpose)." Ms K- 342

"Your very clear explanations of a previously tangled situation with the accounts were much appreciated by all. (We started managing the site in January 2013. The previous managing agent caused an accounting mess and Ringley & Mko Outsourcing Ltd sorted this out). " Mr G- 341

"You're definitely better than the other company. They were a complete total muppet show. There were more muppets there than what there was in the muppet show and they were ripping us off something terrible. I run a management company/block of flats myself so I know what you're going through." Mr F- 340

"Even as I have been writing this I have received a copy of an e-mail from James issuing instructions on these points. Prompt is good! (Dealing with rough sleeper issue on site. Following a visit to site, it appeared that the rough sleeper had moved on. On site were two uniformed community operatives, a representative from Ringley and Kleenfix also attended to clean up the site. A representative from the Camden Safer Streets Team said the rough sleeper had been seen in another area and appeared to have taken what they could carry with them. All possessions (that were stored in the bin store) and bedding were removed and kindly taken away by the bin men. The bin area and entrance areas were jetwashed and a strong disinfectant was applied. The strip light in the stairs was also changed. James then dealt with issues raised by the owner after a phone call)." Mr T- 339

"Thank you, and thank you ever so much for your help today. (Quickly re-arranging an interview and providing directions to get to Ringley)." Ms R- 338

"I had a useful and helpful conversation with Girish at Ringley this morning. He has circulated this update on the current action that is being taken. (Dealing with a rough sleeper issue on site)." Mr T- 337

"You must be the most efficient receptionist I have come across. Your prompt response is much appreciated. " Ms S- 336

"Thanks for the way you support us - it enables us to do our job to the best of our ability for Ringley and you always answer emails and react. Thank you very much. " Gardenfix (Contractor)- 335