What our customers are saying

"I just wanted to send a short note to thank you for the letters you posted into the flats of Acol Court today as well as for removing the ladder outside. (Edward, the Property Manager of the site personally hand-delivered the letters to owners)." Ms B- 190

"Thank you for your letter advising me that Ringley have been awarded the Gold award for Block Management by The Times. Coupled with being runners up to Knight Frank in the Enfranchisement and Right to Manage awards, and a finalist in the National Training awards, Ringley have certainly had a rewarding year, with their hard work, commitment and enthusiasm being well received and recognised in a difficult market place. May I congratulate you and your staff on a very well deserved achievement and to wish you all continued success for the future." Weston Homes PLC- 189

"My thanks again for the courteous manner in which you handled my enquiry." Mr L- 188

"Clear, concise and easy to understand financial information with no abbreviations, jargon or anything else that could confuse the untrained client/resident. So far so good." Mr L- 187

"Mary-Anne, The Ringley Group have been shortlisted for The Community engagement/regeneration awards Award and Environmental Responsibility Award. We valued your application submission which clearly reflected the hard work that yourself and your team have clearly undertaken in going the extra mile in your chosen field. It is a great honour to be selected as a finalist." Islington Chamber Of Commerce- 185

"The email is just to say many thanks. I have now met lots of London estate agents having looked at about 25 properties. Your very helpful attitude was one of the best." Ms A- 184

"I have been impressed with the efforts of Lisa to deal promptly with operational issues." Mr L- 183

"Dear Muhammad, I have worked for Ringley for approximately 4 years in the capacity as a cleaning and gardening contractor. I can wholeheartedly say that your system of invoicing and payment is unparrelled. All costs are scrutinized prior to works being carried out and works orders issued. Ringleys then treats the contractors fairly and pays well within 28days and allows the contractor the chance to track the payment. Within your role in the finance department I have always found you approachable, fair and brutally honest and frank. When we have been asked to provide credit notes in compliance with our money back guarantees you have supported your client by chasing these, which shows your dedication to your employer, as an employer I cannot fault this. In recent times, and at the present time, we have had to undergo changes within our organisation due to matters out of our control and you have always been understanding assisting where you can-and this email is to thank you for this support. I find in your profession, especially in finance, you are hounded mercilessly and when you do things right and correctly and make us as a contractor feel worthwhile it should be applauded. Thank you for this professionalism, which gives me the faith to give 110% to Ringleys." Gardenfix (Contractor)- 182

"Hi Karen, no problem! I was able to get into the panel and found your explanation of how I could create them really helpful. " Ms G- 181

"On a separate matter I just wanted to mention how I have been impressed with the communication from Ringley over the last 6-9 months. Thank you to you and your staff!" Mr C- 180

"Muhammad, Thank you for your help in this matter, you have been absolutely excellent in your support as always. " Gardenfix (Contractor)- 179

"Mary-Anne, I have to say this, as people are too busy in this world to afford compliments, your accounts department is unparalleled in any company I work for / have worked for-Muhammad is such a sweetie-please may I have him ;o) " Gardenfix (Contractor)- 178

"My pleasure! (nice flowers), Cheers (for suggesting that as well as us sending out contact detail forms to owners, so they can update these to ensure we have their latest contact information, it would be useful if owners could update their contact details on the Gateway as well." Mr H- 177

"Thanks Mary-Anne. Also just to say thanks for a sensible approach being applied. (We pulled the Board together to get a Zero tolerance policy on a leaseholder who kept making excuses to continue his breach of lease)." Ms E- 176

"Dear Mary-Anne & Jason We have a great working relationship with Nick. One of our residents, Mr Ramsay, has commented how impressed he is with Nick's level of competence. We look forward to continuing our work with Nick in relieving the block from its issues. I am happy to report that we have already made large headway in such a short space of time and it could not have been done without our new Site Managers help." Mr A- 175

"Hi Katherine, Thank you for the quick reply, this puts my mind to rest. Also thank you for all your help throughout the year, it was an outstanding job well done!" Mr S- 174

"Dear Kathy, Thanks again for you in-put. Your expert handling of the situation has really put us at ease and we are very grateful." Mr R- 173

"A special note of thanks to Lee Harle (Solicitor), for chairing the meeting and responding to all members of the company's queries." Ms D- 172

"Ultimately I am glad that we have found a way forward and thanks to Mary-Anne for pushing us to a place where we can take an approach of compliance and move forward." Ms E- 171

"Dear Sirs, I have been in the building for 3/4 years now. I believe the cleaners and gardeners to do an excellent job. I have observed them cleaning the door frames which I was most impressed with. The whole team are really up against it as the residents do not treat the grounds with the respect they deserve. A recent spell of criminal damage to the lighting and plumbing outside number 30-35 has resulted in Ringley having to act swiftly and they have admirably done so. " Ms B- 170

"Hi Shabana, Yes, Jo came to see me this morning & explained that they would leave the carpets in place whilst painting the walls & door frames & then pull it up when they're ready to proceed with painting the skirting boards - that makes complete sense. It's going to look fantastic when it's done. That's very much for helping to pull this together." Ms A- 169

"Ringley have been excellent throughout and are excellent Managing Agents." Ms P- 168

"Katie promptly replies and gets things done - fantastic!" Ms W- 167

"Mary-Anne, I have to say your staff have been extremely patient and helpful. " Ms D- 166

"Hi Lockie, I just want to drop a quick note to you and the rest of the team for all your excellent efforts this year." Mr M- 165