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Reporting & benchmarking

It’s never too early to start talking about…

  • the optimum choices for: unit size, unit mix to suit the local demographics
  • yields, rents
  • furniture, furnishings
  • amenities & income add-on’s
  • creating a ‘tenant choice’ programme


tenant choices

It’s about using the same core furniture and then mixing furniture & furnishings and painting a feature wall enabling each tenant to feel like a ‘home owner’ and inviting them to stamp their personality on their unit.


investor services

Reporting options

Log in for instant system reports on demand.
Our in-house IT team can design reports quickly and effectively to meet your requirements.

Standard reports include:

  • tenancy length/exit spike graphs
  • deferred income
  • income analysis (rent + add on’s)
  • aged debts
  • compliance reports (TDS, gas, EPC, & deposits)
  • Budget: variance (spent and committed)
  • KPI tracking and reporting.

As landlord you or your team can:

  • watch offers
  • comment on heads of terms
  • view references & passports
  • sign contracts via docusign
  • issue the authority to give keys number
  • check up on registrations (TDS, council tax, utilities)
  • we’ll implement your tenant approval criteria, store critical docs in the cloud & integrate docusign

We can handle:

  • separate parking licences
  • utility deposits
  • extras e.g. flat cleans, room hire
  • guest services e.g. parking, overnight rooms
Manager block of flats

Asset Management Services

Asset Management
Real estate asset management is a job that has taken shape over the past few decades as distinctly separate from property management.

Stabilised Assets
Every asset needs a clear strategy: a business plan that sets out interim build and longer term asset stabilisation and exit objectives and to monitor KPIs that will drive total returns and asset appreciation.

Project Monitoring
Part of our role as Asset Manager is Project Monitoring of pipleine assets pre asset stabilisation.

Mobilisation & Lease up
Our model puts staff on site, with tools in their hand to enable instant reservations and an onward journey to build excitement with photos, floor plans, videos and guest app access to get residents exited about their new home.

Asset Managers TechStack
Enter the vertically integrated techstack to reduce rework and human error thereby freeing up time, resource and by extension, and the intellectual firepower our teams can bring to each asset in the context of its Asset Level Business Plan.

Accounting & Reporting
In partnership with those with mandates to deploy capital at scale, we support all bank and fund level accounting requirements. Our techstack is vertically integrated which reduces rework and provides instant reporting.

Brands & URLs for sale
We are here to answer these questions and build your brand - an experience and story to be shared.

ESG Consultancy & Implementation
The UK has committed to being Carbon NetZero by 2050 and this is having a significant influence on investment decisions, design, delivery and operations as 52% of global warning comes from property.

UK Build to Rent
Build to Rent (BTR) is a lifestyle phrase for purpose-built long-term rental property given by professional landlords in the United Kingdom, BTR is the UK equivalent of their multi-family sector.

UK Later Living
42% of UK’s residents aged over 75 are living alone, 2/3rds of whom are women.

UK Coliving
It is a mathematical certainty that Coliving will be a success and major part of future UK housing stock. For some entry level Apartments are the only opportunity to try to hit the goal of not spending more than 35-40% of income on housing expenses.

UK Student Housing
Despite BREXIT and economic uncertainty demand for Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) continues to grow. 2021 saw the greatest admissions ever (full time: 630,000 undergraduates and 340,000 post grad).

BTR Smart PropTech
Ringley's techstack is the result of 20 years experience of managing residential real estate and covers everything from transactional leaseup, to the community experience, management of revenue and plant compliance.

BTR Strategic Marketing
We proud of our lease up speed and if thr demographic requires it will run viral marketing in foreign languages. Our goal is a waiting list to drive down void days and deliver enviable total returns.

BTR Resident Experience
What every Build to Rent developer aims to do is to entice generation rent to stay and grow within their development.

BTR Tenancy Management
At Ringley we work to maximise total returns which means pricing homes right, driving rents and tight management of expenditure.

Asset Management Clients
We have the track record to drive operational efficiencies to maximise returns and can help you create an enviable ESG offering to set you apart.

Site Finding/Digital Land Search
We combine a data-led approach to site finding with local planning expertise to find development and acquisition opportunities tailored to your bespoke requirements.