Property investor post

Block Management | 27/08/2021 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring/Property Investor Post

‘Fire doors and flat compartmentation the next building safety landmine to explode’

Fire door inspections and compartmentation will be the next subjects to come under the building safety microscope, warned Mary-Anne Bowring, group managing director at property consultancy Ringley Group.New legislation in the form of the Fire Safety Act 2021 [FSA] in...

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Block Management | 26/08/2021 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring/Telegraph

New fire safety rules will cost leaseholders £500 per year

Leaseholders in high-rise blocks of flats face paying £500 more every year in inflated service charges because of new fire safety rules, experts have warned.The Fire Safety Act and Building Safety Bill has been designed to make sure the causes of the tragic Grenfell ...

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Manchester evening news

Block Management | 22/08/2021 | Author : Ian Barber/Manchester Evening News

'In 20 years, I've never seen anything like it': Estate agent says he's done £1m of sales A WEEK in Manchester's booming property market

A city centre estate agent has told how his firm sold homes worth a staggering £52m over the last 12 months as Manchester's property market looks to bounce back from Covid.Deansgate-based Reside Manchester sold 167 properties at an average of £307,000 between August ...

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Block Management | 19/08/2021 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring/Telegraph

EWS1 cladding form: what are the certificates options and how much should they cost?

Purchases of properties across the country have been thrown into chaos as banks have demanded that apartment blocks pass a test proving they are fire safe.EWS1 certificates are given to high-rise buildings that have passed an External Wall Fire Review. Without this f...

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Property notify

Block Management | 11/08/2021 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring/Property Notify

Building fire safety response reveals a disunited kingdom

Covid-19 saw a disunited kingdom respond to a global pandemic, with devolved administrations in Wales and Scotland often taking a more hawkish approach to lockdowns than the central government in Westminster.A successful vaccine roll out means attention is now return...

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News on the block logo

Block Management | 11/08/2021 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring/News on the Block

Ringley Group appoints new director to oversee its expansion in Wales

Leading residential property consultancy Ringley Group has appointed Anthony Kingdon as a director to head up its operations in Wales.Anthony will be focused on driving Ringley Group’s presence in Wales and will report directly to Mary-Anne Bowring, the company’s gro...

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Business live

Block Management | 10/08/2021 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring/Business Live

The latest appointments, promotions, and moves in the Welsh business sector

As the world looks to emerge from the pandemic a number of people are changing roles and jobs across the Welsh business community.Here are some of the big moves across all sectors, from legal to online learning, accountants to commercial property.Residential property...

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Estate agent today

Block Management | 09/08/2021 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring/Estate Agent Today

Property Jobs - the latest movers and shakers

Even at the height of summer (or the British wet season, as some call it) there are substantial numbers of job moves.Before we head into this week’s moves, a reminder to please let us know of your new appointments: just drop an email to a...

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Business news wales

Block Management | 03/08/2021 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring/Business News Wales

Ringley Group Launches New HQ in Cardiff After Securing New Clients

Ringley Group, one of the UK’s leading residential property consultancies, has signed up two more clients in Cardiff, who together represent over 1,000 apartmentsThe first scheme, known as Prospect Place, is managed by a Resident controlled Management Company and is ...

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Block Management | 03/08/2021 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring/Property Industry Eye

New fire safety planning requirements come into force

New fire safety planning requirements came into effect yesterday for relevant developments involving high-rise residential buildings.The new requirements, known as planning gateway one, are designed to ensure that high-rise developments consider fire safety at the ea...

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