Residential asset managers must wake up to the power or proptech

by: Mary-Anne Bowring

Wake up to Proptech

Mary-Anne explores for React News why the more we use data to make calculated decisions, the more we can safeguard against losses. Surging inflationary pressures, high levels of government debt and an unpredictable economy mean a torrent of investors are turning to real estate as a safe haven and a hedge. In times of volatility, the purpose-built residential rental sector is valued for its defensive, counter-cyclical qualities and promise of long-term income generation. After all, we all need a place to sleep. Each lease renewal also offers an opportunity to adjust and finetune rental income, to minimise erosion of yields in real terms.  Surging real estate investment has ushered in a corresponding growth in proptech investment levels which, after a few years of relatively underwhelming performance, hit record highs in 2021 across the UK and Europe. [...]

Mary-Anne Bowring: Residential asset managers must wake up to the power of proptech


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