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Block Management | 14/04/2022 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring/City AM

Gove has signed a cladding deal – but it could kickstart a fight over affordable homes

Political tensions enmeshed in the cladding crisis have raised their ugly heads again this week, as developers have come out and argued they won’t be able to build enough affordable homes if they’re made to pay even more for cladding remediation.Levelling Up Secretar...

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Block Management | 20/03/2022 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring/Sunday Times

Why the government’s crackdown on oligarchs is good for you too

The invasion of Ukraine has shone a light on dirty money in the UK, much of which is banked in property. Could the government’s new economic crime law be the “silver bullet” needed to clean up our act?The government said new measures introduced by the act will “tackl...

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Block Management | 03/02/2022 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring/Negotiator

COMMENT: Levelling Up – the industry reacts to White Paper

Property industry leaders including, agents, insurers, property managers, lenders and trade bodies react to Michael Gove's proposals.Yesterday the government revealed its levelling up plans for the UK economy and communities with a bewildering range of different meas...

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Pbc today

Block Management | 03/02/2022 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring/PBC Today

Government unveils new levelling up plan to close the North-South divide

Michael Gove has unveiled the Levelling Up White Paper, which sets out twelve ‘levelling up missions’ to focus resources on Britain’s forgotten and deprived communitiesThe levelling up plan aims to produce a complete ‘system change’ of the government works to impleme...

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Block Management | 02/02/2022 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring/Property Week

‘Bolder vision’ needed for levelling up white paper

The industry has given a muted response to the initial outline of the long-awaited Levelling Up white paper.The paper was due to be published in December but was delayed due to the Omicron coronavirus variant sweeping the nation.The government has today released the ...

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Inside housing

Block Management | 19/01/2022 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring/Inside Housing

We need legislative change to make it crystal clear who should pay for fire safety defects

The use of special purpose vehicles in building blocks has left leaseholders with nowhere to turn for remediation work. It is clear that change is required, writes Mary-Anne BowringHousing secretary Michael Gove has put developers who use special purpose vehicles (SP...

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Block Management | 14/01/2022 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring/City AM

Michael Gove has finally entered the cladding fray, but the fight isn’t over

Among the political shambles of this week, something remarkable happened: someone stepped in to say a word or two about how to fix the cladding crisis. This someone was the Secretary of State for Levelling up, Housing and Communities, Michael Gove. His intervention w...

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Block Management | 11/01/2022 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring/Property Week

Industry gives mixed response to new government cladding removal plans

The property industry has reacted with a mix of praise, scepticism and criticism to the government’s plan to ask developers to cover up to £4bn in costs to remove dangerous cladding from lower-height buildings.Mary-Anne Bowring, group managing director at Ringley, sa...

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Development finance today

Block Management | 10/01/2022 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring/Development Finance Today

Government forces developers to fix cladding crisis: Industry reacts

The government has warned developers that they must pay to fix the cladding crisis as it overhauls its approach to building safety.Secretary of state for levelling up, housing and communities, Michael Gove, has today (10th January), written to the industry giving the...

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Block Management | 07/01/2022 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring/Property Week

Predictions for 2022: Brace yourself

After two years of unprecedented challenges faced by real estate, experts share their predictions for 2022.Mary-Anne BowringGroup managing director, RingleyThis is proving to be a difficult year for bold predictions; however, some things will continue to be a certain...

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