The Agent is demanding 5,000 of me in July for a new roof, I have had no say over this what so ever, is this a correct way of dealing with things, can I then pay this in installments.

You do have a say, any demand over 250 for any 1 service charge payer must be subject to statutory section 20 consultation (up to 3 notices of 30 days each) the notices are 'statutory consultation' and you have 30 days to make observations, all such observations MUST be replied to in writing within 30 days, you can nominate a contractor of your choice or object if you believe the works are not due or a cheaper or alternative solution can be put in place. Whether you can pay in installments will depend on your lease, probably not is the short answer. Most leases give you 21 days to make payment after a demand is issued. It's worth approaching your mortgage company, a good managing agent will have a 'financial hardship policy' and may well support and help you in remortgaging towards capital works projects.

Mr A Williams,