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Property Law | 13/03/2020 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring

How will residential diversification shake up the world of valuations?

Accused of being overoptimistic in their valuations of retail assets, the UK’s biggest property advisers are awaiting the results of a RICS review into conflicts of interest. Concerns have been raised that valuers are not reporting the true value of shopping centres...

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Property Law | 02/11/2018 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring, Managing Director of the Ringley Group, investigates.

£697m fund to revive high streets

£697m fund to revive high streets Mary-Anne Bowring, Managing Director of the Ringley Group, investigates. 2 Nov 18 7 years after the Mary Portas Town Centre review the government announces a £697m fund to revive high streets! With life leaving the retail centres of ...

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Property Law | 11/01/2014 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring

The Prior Approvals Process & Permitted Development Right

The Prior Approvals Process & Permitted Development Right Mary Anne Bowring, Director of the Ringley Group of Chartered Surveyors explains what the new legislation means. Explaining the Prior Approvals Process & Permitted Development Right New legi...

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Total investor
Total investor

Property Law | 05/04/2011 | Author : Totalinvestor

Ringley Expose A Flaw In Valuations

Double-award-winning property company Ringley Chartered Surveyors have exposed that banks may be over-exposed in investment lending due to poor valuations. The company suggests that aggregate values of component units within a property cannot be the market or invest...

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Km extra

Property Law | 30/03/2007 | Author : KM Extra

Legal help "shop"

Self managed block of flats that suffer from service charge arrears and ground rent arrears are being offered a no-win, no-fee service by online property solution provider This service uses Ringleys Legal Service Team who achieved succes...

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Property Law | 01/03/2007 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring

Ringley Legal Service Team Delivers Results

Property solution providers, Ringley, has reported that it's Legal Services Team who deliver affordable services for typical lease breaches such as service charge arrears, breach of covenant and title defects, achieved a successful outcome for over 800 arrears litiga...

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Property Law | 01/01/1998 | Author : Mary-Anne Bowring

How to manage your solicitor

I remember when I bought my first property how it was essential to go and have a face to face meeting with the solicitor. Feeling a bit nervous with sweaty palms at the tender age of 18 taking on such a big responsibility I walked into the solicitor's office with a ...

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