Value for money - to us this means more than just competitive tendering. Adding value is about using expertise and creativity to save or to set a strategic path to deliver an outcome. This page is dedicated to Ringley hero’s who have saved their Clients' money.

Saved £21,204


Geneva Court
How did we do it?
£21,204 saved on insurance. Having claimed the right to manage the residents finally could insure themselves. Past poor claims management, claims left open for years were problems. We sped up valid claims, shut spurious claims. Put a proposal together and delivered a result.

Saved £11,586


Saxon Hall
How did we do it?
£11,586 saved on the buildings insurance premium. Quite simply Ringley don't take huge commissions or hype premiums. We prefer to pass savings onto Clients. That way we have more happy Clients.

Saved £2,072


Howitt Close
How did we do it?
No more Freshwater, no more live in porter/cleaner, no more rip off repairs costs. Since appointing Ringley typical service charges have decreased from the Freshwater days of £3,644.65 to £1,572. Thats a whopping £2,072 !

Saved £5,367


Howitt Close
How did we do it?
We saved 40% on insurance or £5,367. It is about how you present a case to the insurers and how well they trust you to manage, especially on buildings with lead pipes, flat roofs, down-feed water supplies.

Saved £2,829


Belsize Square
How did we do it?
saved more than the cost of our fee. Expert negotiation works.

Saved £13,000

Geneva court

Geneva Court
How did we do it?
After an era of over charging and wrongly charging by Peverel. The previous managing agent Peverel paid bills in error to EDF. We went to the Ombudsman and managed to get a refund of 13k from them.

Saved £3,000


Clive Court
How did we do it?
Clive Court exercised their Right to Manage, after growing concerns over escalating fees and very little transparency with the previous Managing Agent. The 1st saving Ringley delivered was almost £3,000 on the Buildings insurance.

Saved £298,000


How did we do it?
Ringley inherited rather a lot when this RTM took over; the Portman Estate was part way through trying to either dispossess the headlessee or to require them to immediately effect over £2M works to windows, roof, rainwater goods, decorations.... What hurt lessees the most is that there were only 9 years left on their leases. Ringley reviewed every aspect of the schedule of works and what was 'reasonable repairs' bearing in mind there were just 9 years left on the lease, and where replacement or renewal could not be defended. Through diligent research and careful procurement we managed to save the client just under £250,000 + Vat by specifying different methods/materials and repair not renewal where possible as well as sourcing an alternative window supplier.

Saved £7,000


21 Streatham Common North
How did we do it?
We took over this underfunded and un-maintained block with a staggering £7,000 of service charge arrears that had been incorrectly billed and never collected by the previous managing agent who ended up footing the bill. In addition we successfully pursued £15,000 of aged arrears, which then went towards Major Works that were needed on the building. Streatham Common North is now well into the 2nd of 4 phases of Major Works and looks amazing!

Saved £8,161


Cunningham Court
How did we do it?
Ringley negotiated that TUPE did not apply. The porter previously served 2 blocks and we argued that as his staff facilities were in the other block that TUPE did not apply on either a full time or part time basis.

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