The Partcipation Notice

Now that you have formed a RTM company the next step is to serve the Notice Inviting Partcipation, this is mandatory unless all lessees and the Freeholder have either opted in or out in writing and/or you trust them not to claim you did not exclude them later!. The RTM company must serve a Participation Notice to every qualifying leaseholder who has not already joined the company and the Freeholder. To do this you will need to know who each flat is registered to (see STEP 1).

Remember, a flat could be owned by one person in the flat, everyone in the flat, a trust, or a company.

An HM Land Registry search will tell you who owns each flat (Note: It is also possible to approach the landlord, his/her appointed Managing Agent or the Landlord's Solicitor, for this information by serving a formal Information Notice however this may alert the landlord to your intentions of seizing control of the block.)

You can post the Participation Notice or deliver it in person. Remember, every qualifying tenant and the Freeholder must receive it and is entitled to join the company.

How to serve a Participation Notice

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