The Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill - the first draft of this new legislation was released on 27th November 2023.
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We help property owners to buy and sell, enhance the value of their property, take control and resolve disputes.

As a niche property law firm all we do is property - our product is simple 'straightforward advice.'

Ringley Law advises a range of commercial and residential Clients. Our straightforward advice adds value and leads to long term relationships, often spanning years. We create tailored solutions on a range of property law topics. We keep abreast of the ever changing leasehold reform agenda and what it means for leaseholders and freeholders alike.

  • Help recover service charges or ground rent arrears,
  • Fix defective leases and/or extend them,
  • Help leaseholders gain more control of their block by either
  • -Leasehold enfranchisement,
  • -Right to manage, and
  • -The court appointed manager processes.