The Leasehold and Freehold Reform Act 2024 has recently been introduced. Unfortunately most of it is not in force yet.
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We help property owners to buy and sell, enhance the value of their property, take control and resolve disputes.

As a niche property law firm all we do is property - our product is simple 'straightforward advice.'

Ringley Law advises a range of commercial and residential Clients. Our straightforward advice adds value and leads to long term relationships, often spanning years. We create tailored solutions on a range of property law topics. We keep abreast of the ever changing leasehold reform agenda and what it means for leaseholders and freeholders alike.

  • Help recover service charges or ground rent arrears,
  • Fix defective leases and/or extend them,
  • Help leaseholders gain more control of their block by either
  • -Leasehold enfranchisement,
  • -Right to manage, and
  • -The court appointed manager processes.

Law Reviews

"Thank you for helping my purchasers with their questions last week. They said you were very clear and helpful so I really appreciate that..... I think now is the right time for me to resign as a director of the Hertford Lock Resident's Association. Thank you for stepping up as the Chair since Chris left, and all your help over the years. Guy"

G Chase Tower Hamlets

"I take this opportunity to thank you not only for the professional way you dealt with my lease extension but also for the support and assistance you provided. Should I need any legal assistance in the future, I assure you I will be using your good services."

Mr G

"Even though I am a solicitor myself, when I found out about Ringley I wanted to use them for the whole lease extension process because they made my life a whole lot easier in dealing with initial surveys to establish value, negotiation and even registration of the relevant documents. They were really thorough and offered a comprehensive service that made the whole process easy to understand and took away any stress. I would definitely use them again and would recommend them to anyone else. "

Mr P

"We hire friendly people and empower them to delight."