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Block Management Overview

Management is about the minutia done well. It takes a team across a range of disciplines to deal with the multiple facets of block and estate management: politics, building pathology, finance, legal knowhow and of course customer service too.

At Ringley we believe in joined up thinking and commit to signpost Clients on all things property - even if outside our day-to-day management remit

Our true business is building relationships with our people. Our people really know that they can make a difference to our residents. We match our people to what each site needs to be achieved, with you in mind. We lead the market in transparency and focusing on risk, cash, repairs and place making, usually in that order.

We are not shy of hard work and believe our ability to get stuck in and find solutions that sets us apart. We are innovative to the core and committed to implementing good ideas in pursuit of 5* service.

Being who we are would be impossible without our passionately committed people, whose qualifications we sponsor and who we support professionally to be the best they can be, as achieving a national training award and our Silver IIP status confirms.

History of Newham

Every London Borough has nurtered mega pop artists – why are we telling you this I hear you ask….it’s because Ringley are based in Camden, the epicentre of all things music and Newham ain’t that far away !

Which pop band – hang on this isn’t a pop band but the one and only Dame Vera Lynn ! Even though not shown in the special map above Dame Vera surely had to usurp Linda Lewis…oh yes the ever and eternal and beloved Dame Vera hails from Newham !

An British singer and entertainer whose music was very popular during the Second World War, Dame Vera was widely known as the "Forces Sweetheart" and entertained at outdoor concerts for our fall guys and gals in Egypt, India and Burma during the second world war as part of Entertainments National Service Association. The lyrics were to do with so endearing during this awful time - "We'll Meet Again", “The White Cliffs of Dover" and "There'll Always Be an England" surely makes all the hairs on all our bodies stand on end !

Lynn spent much of her later years much to charity work associated with ex-troops, disabled children and cancer funds. She was recently named the Brit who best exemplified the spirit of the 20th century. Oh and by the way Newham was also the birth place of a very discrete and below the radar singer….Adele, though that just had to be mentioned !

Block Property Management Specialists – Our offices have been head quartered here in Camden for over 25 years so this is our guide.

Ringley are a specialist Property Management Company in London, and more specifically North London and the surrounding boroughs which is why we thought we would create this page to highlight why you should use a local property management company to Newham…a mere 20 mins away.

New developments in Newham

Newham is fast becoming London’s top property hots spots especially for swanky new apartments and regeneration schemes, some examples are :

Regeneration of Newham

Royal Docks E16

Ringley are consulting with regeneration planners for the Royal Docks and are true “Believers in the Borough”.

Silvertown Quays is another focus for Believers both among the developers and others who are seeking to make this new area good news for local people with significant challenges ahead.

Custom House and Canning Town redevelopments will cost around £3.8 billion! Christians from various flavours are hoping and working to challenge the reduction of social housing which is being renamed by ‘affordable homes’ that are so often not accessible to locals people.

Key Redevelopment Stories

The ‘Arc of Opportunity’ sweeps from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park down the River Lea to the Thames, then Eastwards throughout the Royal Docks to Gallions Reach and on into Barking. Below details an update of some of the regeneration stories in the borough.

The old Abbey site in E15

This is where the Riverine Centre, Masjid Ilyas operates and seeks to build what some have dubbed the mega mosque. Newham and London-wide plans by secular authorities instead seek a mix of homes, retail, employment and leisure.

Albert Dock, E6 

Opposite to other large swathes of brownfield land, this area is set aside for a business park for large Chinese and other Asian organisations looking to set up European HQs. The popular demographics and focus for this region will be quite different which will present it’s own challenges for outreach and engagement.

A short stretch from Turnpike Lane and Seven Sisters Stations, residents can get to central London in a mere 17 minutes. Vibrant Green Lanes with its buzzing restaurants and foodie Stoke Newington are a stone’s throw away.

What our CEO, Mary Anne Bowring, likes about Newham

Yes I have been watching Newham develop over the past few years and really is one borough oozing with potential and it’s not only about the Olympic legacy !!. I am also a serious amateur history buff and found out the area of the recently made borough was once occupied by a land area called 'Ham'. The name comes from the ye Old English word 'hamm' and translates to 'a dry area of land between rivers or marshland' references the location of the settlement within various boundaries formed by the rivers Lea, Thames and Roding and their respective marshes.

I believe the first known written use of the term 'Hamme' was in an Anglo-Saxon charter of 958, where King Edgar gifted the land to Ealdorman Athelstan. The territory wasn’t allocated at this time, but subsequent charter later on in 1037 refers to a transfer of land which has been linked with East Ham, intimated that the division of the territory occurred between 958 and 1037.

Unbelievably and at the time of the Domesday Book, two Manors called Hame were recorded.

The earliest recorded term West Ham, Westhamma was in 1186, and East Ham, Estham, is recorded in 1204. North Woolwich was removed from Ham at an even earlier date, in the cinders of the Norman Conquest would you believe.


More History.....

The creation of the modern borough in 1965 made way for the co-joining of West and East Ham, as well as with North Woolwich and Barking to the west of the River Roding (Little Ilford had become part of East Ham forming part of earlier local government reorganisations). This reorganisation really then re-established the former territory of Ham. All very interesting, London has ancient hstory, so glad it was documented at the time.

More History

Unbelievably and at the time of the Domesday Book, two Manors called Hame were recorded.

The earliest recorded term West Ham, Westhamma was in 1186, and East Ham, Estham, is recorded in 1204. North Woolwich was removed from Ham at an even earlier date, in the cinders of the Norman Conquest would you believe.


Top 3 Block Management Companies in Newham

Ringley Group – specialising in the block management of residential and regeneration consultancy, based locally in the Newham environs

Bairstow Eves Estate Agents – 204 High St N, East Ham, London E6 2JA

Viktor Michael Canning Town – 265 Barking Rd, Plaistow, London E13 8EQ

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