Ringley's Leasehold Guidance Service was formed to give practical, commonsense advice to leaseholders contemplating lease extensions, claiming their right to manage (RTM) or buying the freehold of their block of flats (collective enfranchisement).

We aim to deliver an understanding of the process and procedures. On this website you can learn about the steps you need to take for lease extensions, right to manage applications and collective enfranchisement (buying your freehold) for FREE.

For 'right to manage' and 'collective enfranchisement' you can download newsletters to use and get other leaseholders involved. That way you save money and only pay for professional advice only when you need it.

Company Set Up Service

We also sell pre-constituted companies and legal forms. We can tailor and constitute specific companies and offer a full Freehold Purcahse or Right to Manage start to finish service, or, you could just buy the company you'll need. Either way, the Leasehold Guidance Service is happy to help.

Enfranchisement Services

We're proud to deliver a menu of services enabling customers to pick what support they need.

Our core services are as follows:

Leasehold Guidance - Complete Service

For when you want us to manage the process for you.

Enfranchisement Valuation Services

Our Chartered Valuation Surveyors can advise you on all aspects of the premium for both freehold purchase or lease extensions.

Most deals are achieved through negotiation after the valuation, or after the claim notice is served. For those not so lucky, senior valuers will attend the First Tier Tribunal as necessary.

Professional Tribunal Representation

We have experience in lodging cases with the Tribunal, Tribunal attendance and County Court procedures on matters such as validity of Freehold Purchase and Lease Extension claim notices.

Court Appointed Manager

The Ringley Group holds a number of blocks on a Court Appointed Manager basis both for Freeholders and Leaseholders where the Property Management arrangements have become dysfunctional.

Property Management Services

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