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Free event space in NW1

Yes, FREE Networking Centre for all Camden Businesses

Seriously, it's not too good to be true. Camden Gateway is a launchpad for small businesses so because networking and community engagement are at the heart of what we do, all Camden businesses can use our networking event space for free.

Our networking space provides:
- stand up space for 120
- stand/sit space for 80
- microphone, 4 x plasma TVs & PA system included

To keep your costs down you can even bring your own drinks and canopies in.

Some events... all are welcome

Our public events cover a wide range of topics from stories from inspirational entrepreneurs, to business start up support, venture capitalists, business accelerator coaches, and marketing tricks.

Public events take place in our networking suite between 6.30pm and 9pm.

If you are not a member then there is a £15 charge to cover refreshments but we think you'll find the insights and advice good value.

To find out more download the App and go to the Register for an Event app tile.

We also host members events

Thursdays are Thirsty Thursdays, when from 6.30pm to 8.00pm we encoursge our members to get together for a free slice of pizza and a drink or two. This is a special time when our members can share their ideas, their challenges, and collaborate and support each other to learn and grow. And, because we are a launchpad there's always a members speakering slot available so members can practice their pitch or presentation to their most supportive audience, our members, for friendly advice and constructive criticism.

Members can book or speak in our App. And get a few guest passes for free also.

Members get to host their events for free

To us size does not matter. Whether a member rents a Hot Desk, Personal Desk, Private Office or Office Suite they can host an event for free. To host an event members go to the 'Host an Event' app tile to check available dates and invite their guests. Members can bring their own food and drinks to keep costs down, or, choose from our catering options.

Members guests get a full day pass to experience what we have including a members gym and our wellness programme including yoga and pilates.

Our other event space in NW1

We also have conference space, boardrooms, a conputer training suite and round table space suitable for your team, Clients you want to impress, PR and public events, round tables and filming.....
All at pretty good prices too!

Conference space NW1

Our multi purpose conference room is fitted with projector and PA system and seats up to 90.
It can be arranged in:
- discussion format for 65
- theatre style for 90
- debating or board meeting style for 20

Our Boardrooms in NW1

Our boardrooms are fitted with widescreen TV and seat up to 38.
They can be arranged as:
- meeting style for up to 38
- board meeting style for up to 12

The key to our success is our people


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Managing Director of Camden Gateway

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