Commercial Property Management

Sheds: Industrial and logistics

Sheds: Industrial and logistics

Whether it is fulfilment centers, advanced manufacturing, technology parks, multi-tenanted spaces and last mile distribution hubs, occupier needs continue to evolve. With the gap widening between Clients needs and available stock our focus is to create the best possible relationship between Client and occupier to maximise occupier satisfaction.

Retail: high street, shopping centres, retail parks

Retail: high street, shopping centres, retail parks

As the pace of change in consumer retail trends increases destination marketing is ever more entwined in driving footfall and achieving retail success. Local market intelligence together with deep insights is key to identifying and capitalizing on opportunities to drive consumer footfall and ultimately asset values.

Mixed Use Schemes

Mixed Use Schemes

Whilst retail used to drive town centres, now mixing uses and inviting residential, student, build to rent and later living in is the key to re-purposing and restoring our town centres nationwide. Required expertise includes: master-planning, placemaking, estate management, design for operations, and stakeholder management. To make a space a place you have to take blend the consumer and the residents viewpoint, brand it, then package the opportunity to would-be occupiers.

Co-Working Community

Co-Working Community

Join our vibrant start-up community in Camden Town, NW1. Co-working, private offices and start-up suites available.

Our Philosophy
Our guiding principle is to be perceptive; to see what others do not.

Our aim is to analyse the assets we manage from each of our specialist perspectives to ensure we observe and notice the insights, data, issues and potential that will have a real impact for our client and their occuplers. By creating manageable priorities and actions, we formulate a robust roadmap to tackle as part of your wider business plan.

We see
your asset
We identify
the risks
We appreciate
the potential
We interpret
the detail
We grasp
the issues
We realise
the future

It is not what you look at that matters, it is what you see

Founded in 1997, The Ringley Group has an enviable reputation in the living sectors and mixed use management, we are a tech-enabled business with Clients and the customer experience at the heart of what we do. We have recruited the cities top talent in managing iconic buildings to drive global best practice and exceed expectations.

We are perceptive. We are data driven.
We have drive and energy. To deliver more than meets the eye.

We have all facets of Commercial Asset Management covered

Service Charge Accounts

We believe it is quite simple, late service charge accounts cost asset owners dearly. Occupiers need to know what they need to pay, what their money is being...

Utilities Management

In partnership with our energy broker, we trawl the market to lock in the best deal and receive bills as data and generate copy bills under licence.  This enables...

Real Estate Management Accounting

We reduce the need for asset owners in-house teams to replicate rent management, capital budget monitoring.  We can bespoke the data you want in your format via...

Transition Management

Don’t settle for a reactive manager. And, given proactive is the new normal. It’s time to transition to a predictive data driven approach. Our transitions team have the...

Service Charge Audit & Consultancy

With experience in mixed use audits from Battersea PowerStation to Chelsea Bridge Wharf, our teams can trawl through the detail to understand the intricacies...

Introducing our Commercial Asset Management Team

WWe are ready:
Your dedicated commercial asset management team are ready to transition your properties into unrivalled transparency, and to start evaluating opportunities to drive income, improve service, modernise workspaces, match trends, scrutinise operating costs, and engage with occupiers ultimately to deliver asset that outperform the peers in their class.

We are truly connected: unlike old school commercial asset managers with disparate systems like RiskWise where risk is not linked to budgets and site staff SmartPhone Apps. We are vertically integrated cradle to grave: our offering spans rent, ground rent and service charge across multiple sectors from daily co-working lets to occupational leases, and residential too.

With us finance and risk are inextricably linked, this is the magic sauce and connectivity that goes beyond managing the PPM. We also provide tools to Contractors and Suppliers to directly feed into our tech stack, this avoids rework and enables our team to focus on seeing value add opportunities and driving rents.

Mary-anne Bowring

Group MD

Mary-anne Bowring

Business planning expert Mary-Anne Bowring’s expertise spans all the facets of Asset Management

Richard Williams

Group CEO

Richard Williams

Led by Richard Williams, formerly CEO at Avis & Young and previously on CBRE UK Board at the helm, we are expanding our award-winning transparency to demystify commercial property and asset management

Russell Markou

Head of Living Strategy & Operations

Russell Markou

Mixed use specialist Russell Markou, most recently having taken Quintains operations from start up to industry lead, has a construction, hotels and living sectors background injects enviable perspectives to design for operations and make a space a place.

Oliver Hopkins

Investment Director

Oliver Hopkins

Our Oliver Hopkins can introduce equity, mezzanine and debt financing which our Denton King, formerly of Roundhill Capital will support your underwrite by modelling viability and sensitivity.

Refurbishment Programmes
We run rolling refurbishment programmes of offices, retail shells, common parts and building plant.

Where necessary, we will work with occupiers to source and support moves to interim accommodation, and work to incorporate their needs in fitting out to support their transition in working practices ahead of reoccupation
As well as gamifying sustainability through our Occupier SmartPhone Apps, our teams will track the ESG of your assets and are ready with data to support your next lending application or acquisition. We favour ‘green design’, to WELL building standards that create social value, given environmental impact and sustainability is ever more important for all stakeholders: asset owners, occupiers and their employees.
Commercial Property Accounting & Financial Reporting

Commercial Asset Management Reporting

We understand asset owners and investment managers run their own investment analytics, so our tech stack is open API and can deliver information in csv or API format to Horizon, Qube or other software of your choice.

Beyond accounting

Our role is to work alongside Clients’ Asset and Finance Teams, to report what you need your way, instantly and to give you access to real-time data so you can drill deeper and understand the costs and trends.

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Trend reporting: the big data

We analyse the assets we manage from each of our specialist perspectives; trend reporting and our data driven approach enables us to do this.

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Risk Management

Old school commercial asset managers using outdated systems like RiskWise, ……. Or ….. fail to connect the facets of risk management. Our approach goes beyond risk managing the PPM to connect and improve the budget and track that recommendations databased result in not only a Works Order but an invoice for what is required. We are audited internally and externally to ISO45001, the international standard for occupational health and safety.

Plant items

We create the Asset Register, build the preventative maintenance diary, collect the reports, database recommendations and audit trail getting works done.


Our budgets link to the Asset Register inextricably linking financial and compliance management. With us you are never more than 2 clicks away from an invoice or supporting documentation.


With us you can track spending to budget in realtime and effortlessly drill down from portfolio level to individual property to each transaction.

Our Service Vision
Our property management and accounting services are well established, but our core services extend beyond this and present more than meets the eye. We serve an impressive client portfolio and are responsible for the satisfaction, retention and acquisition of occupiers across diverse property types. Our people share office space, information and contacts to ensure you receive agile responses and service excellence.

Client Portal

If you find it hard to get reporting from your current Manager, can't get the numbers you need or find that your time is wasted checking-up and checking-in, then there is another way. We will deliver the reporting you need, and automatically send it to email you when you want it. This can be by single asset or aggregated reporting across a portfolio of assets. We live our brand promise of 100% transparency, unlike other commercial asset managers, our Clients get a portal with a dashboard that covers:

  • Rent & other income collected
  • Planned Property Maintenance
  • Service Charge budget, spent and invoices
  • Occupier Compliance matters
  • Fire Risk matters
  • Inspection reports

All Clients are never more than 2 clicks away from, rent and service charge statements, budgets, and invoices, the PPM Diary and compliance dashboard, fire risk matters and health and safety inspection reports.

Portfolio Clients can drill through their portfolio, and, our portal highlights where the numbers are not below par, to drive the conversation and show you what we are focusing on.

Occupier SmartPhone App

We own an App generator portal and can brand, build and create an Occupier SmartPhone App that is tailored to the services in your building.  Our SmartPhone App’s offer more than just a way to report repairs, message reception, message the facilities manager, they offer interest based chat channels, can publisise events such as charity bake days across multiple occupiers to build social networks, as well as enable occupiers to upload their profile and chat 121 and in groups to connect, find lunch dates and more….

The SmartPhone App also deals with parcel management and teams can use parcel notifications to get parcels collected and keep reception clear. For smart buildings the SmartPhone App can also be used as a way to share sustainability data to drive occupier behaviour, by gamifying energy use to recognise and covet eco-heros to engage all, whilst at home and at work, in the goal to edge ever closer to Net Zero.

Occupier satisfaction:

Put simply, because occupier satisfaction matters to us, we track it. Who wouldn’t?
We use the Net Promoter Score ‘NPS’ model to check that, on balance, occupiers would recommend us. Integration of Occupier Smart Phone Apps, enables us to capture feedback easily.

Transition: Our problem not yours
Our Analaysts will make light work of transition, can carry out management audits, we can get aged outstanding service charge accounts completed at speed and investigate balance sheet items to put things right. Challenge us:

Visible property and facilities management

WORDS....To add value, we are acutely aware that the asset management and services

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Asset Management

WORDS....To add value, we are acutely aware that the asset management and services

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Stakeholder Engagement

WORDS....To add value, we are acutely aware that the asset management and services

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Managing a change on-site

WORDS....To add value, we are acutely aware that the asset management and services

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Our Asset Management Team

The key to our success is our people

Mary-Anne Bowring
Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Pratt
Russell Markou
Head of Living Strategy & Operations
Oliver Hopkins
Investment Director
Rob Pratt
MD - BTR London