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In the institutionally led Build to Rent market the key to successful returns is securing long-term tenancies to avoid voids whilst controlling costs to maximise the gross to net return. In conjunction with project and consultancy work with most of the top 10 UK Build to Rent developers Ringley have brought forward two apps specifically for the emerging BTR market.

App #1 To simply process & compliance

Build to rent planetrent app

PlanetRent is a mobile responsive website and marketing portal that takes care of the transactions, helps you manage multiple sub-agents and can automate paid and free marketing, vacating and many other processes.

App #2 For front of house & marketing

Build to rent proptech app

This is a native app that lives on residents 'phones' and enables you to keep in touch with the community as well as market facilities and events, both inside and outside the development.

PlanetRent Mobile App Screenshot
  • Ticked check box Right to rent checks
  • Ticked check box EPC disclosure
  • Ticked check box Gas Safe disclosure
  • Ticked check box Pre-move in checks
  • Ticked check box Deposit registration
  • Ticked check box Vacate process

Planet Rent’s six modules

    Planet Rent gives you six advantages

  • Marketing
  • publish properties to the Planet Rent.co.uk portal FREE,
  • marketing assets (photos, floorplans, EPCs) cloud stored,
  • links to publish properties to major portals (Zoopla & RightMove),
  • landlords can set up their letting agents to use marketing assets, make offers, contracts…., the landlord retains control of the process, a quality lettings journey is assured.

    Compliance dashboard - know what needs doing when

  • Property compliance: EPCs, Gas safety, HMO Registrations, PAT testing,
  • Tenant compliance: Passport/visa expiry dates, TDS certificates, inventories,
  • Equipment log: Asset register, reference numbers & contracts,
  • Marketing assets log: Cloud stored, shows what is missing to publish properties.

    Paperless, admin-free professional lettings journey

  • offers on the go or at the viewing,
  • no broken promises as special requests are included in offers, and signed off during move in checks,
  • one place to approve/reject all offers (whether direct or via multiple agents),
  • a deals tracker and 1 NUDGE button to push whoever needs to take the next step,
  • access to quality referencing,
  • bank transfer or card payments for rent & deposits,
  • e-signing of contracts,
  • pre-move in checks audit trail,
  • 1st class welcome & utilities process: handbooks, out of hours advice & more,
  • TDS registration,
  • right to rent checks,
  • automatic guarantor trigger for individual tenants' rent share.

    Repairs reporting for tenants

  • photo/video repairs reporting,
  • repairs SLA highlighted,
  • contractor can juggle repairs to outperform SLA,
  • repairs ratings requests can be automated in app set up,
  • repairs ratings can be pushed to social media.

    Landlord websites

  • Landlords can publish properties to a four page website they can rent from us, OR,
  • Connect a page of their existing website to the URL we give them for the properties page,
  • Direct property BOOK VIEWING and MAKE OFFER (based on availability check).

    Rent collection

  • Collected from individual tenants by direct debit and paid over to you.
PlanetRent Logo

Multi-channel lettings process

Planning the customer experience

Building a brand means the on-site team must be involving the customers in designing every detail of the ‘new customer journey’;

    We’re happy to run workshops covering:

  • Creating excitement
  • Coveted treats
  • Your space
  • Choices
  • Lifestyle
  • Security

Tenant portal

Articulated process design means lettings admin is reduced so teams can focus on ‘tenant relations’.

  • marketing is via web, email, virtual tour and social media
  • reference requests are on-line
  • tenancy agreements signed by docusign
  • landlords can track deals online and authorise keys to be issued
  • rents payable by direct debit or for student, paid in advance
  • inventories carried out on smart phones to SMS or email to tenants
  • inventory acceptance and comments via docusign
  • add-ons paid by credit card on the tenants app and portal
  • tenant app enabling tenants to check their account
  • repairs reported via the tenant app and portal

App ………. coming soon

Over time residents will take amenities for granted, so long term differentiator must be service:

Friendly and helpful site staff

Easy access to service

And, superb efficient back office response

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