• Our service capability goes way beyond traditional property management, our role is to create a long term vision for the development and or operator.
  • We will engage as part of the delivery team from the outset. Our aim is to add real value to the process.
  • By the launch we will be ‘living and breathing’ your scheme.
  • We are open to ideas about broader joint venture agreements, single schemes or multiple sites.

Our purpose

Our role is to make your building a brand, that says something about your customers, a place where a sense of community is fostered, a destination, a definitive lifestyle choice.

  • A brand that says - vibrant, modern, clean living, where busy people and customers can buy a relaxed environment.
  • A lifestyle choice - central, secure, staffed to serve (accessible by phone, in person, on line 24/7).
  • A place architecturally inspired - environmentally sensitive, inclusive and locally connected.
  • Creating community involvement - a cluster of so- cially responsible people who we invite to become a part of something bigger, brought together by events to add value.

As an operator, we encourage early collaboration to test ideas, advise on running costs, and build an operating model that is sustainable and will deliver.


More. Simple aspirational flexible lifestyle. Freedom to stay. Options to grow.


To build a community by focussing on generating through customer satisfaction.

100% transparency

Is designed into all our processes

Building your Brand

To build a brand that creates value, attention to every detail is essential: your building, the operating infrastructure and the staff we place on site. History, heritage and architecture can enrich the building, we ask that you don’t skimp on the details.

Consider the building ‘in use’, signage, travel distances, break out areas, meeting points, live feed news, access to facilities. When the minutia is right, PRS works best.

The ultimate question from all angles is
What does your PRS building say about

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  • You as a landlord?
  • Your employees?
  • Your residents?
And, would your residents recommend living in it, as a lifestyle choice.

Depending on your exit strategy we recommend each building stands alone as a brand presented by you, if you like a child of the parent.

So it is ‘living at .......’ presented by’ ............’

Your institutional brand simply adds extra kudos.

Lifestyle Living

What PRS aims to do is to entice generation rent to stay and grow within the development so each building is designed as a brand. So PRS concept needs to encompass lifestyle and be as simple as checking into a hotel on-line or ordering a book from Amazon.

A sense of security:

A blend of CCTV, proximity access control, reception, concierge, night security, parcel store, someone to take deliveries

An ability to make light work of problems:

Access to onsite hospitality, cleaning and maintenance teams

Instant access to services:

Tenant portal, Tenant App, phone, email, SMS, Concierge desk

In-touch with community

Events, live feed notice boards, newsletters, a ‘keep it local’ loyalty scheme, also all on the tenant App

A range of ‘pay-as-you-go’ luxuries

Breakfast in bed, cleaning, linen packs, kitchen packs, guest services


  • A cool, vibrant, welcoming destination
  • Flexible terms, stay as long as you like
  • Furniture choices, décor to suit
  • One bill for all costs
  • Our sky gym, community features


  • Time spent at community events
  • Our library and break out spaces
  • Great customer service 24/7, from our trained hospitality team
  • Proactive on-site repairs team


  • Breakfast in bed, private dining
  • Housekeeping on demand
  • Dry cleaning service
  • Sun terraces
  • Choices - your apartment your way