| 06/06/2019

How can letting agents add value?

The tenant fees ban means a massive loss of income for letting agents. Landlord website Goodlord estimates the loss at around £200 million in turnover each year. That’s a big blow. UK landlords are already reeling from a series of tax and regulation blows. So letting...

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| 05/06/2019

Tenant fees ban - the unintended consequences

The Tenant Fees Act came into effect in England on Saturday and there are already big question marks hanging over the new legislation. Both the government and the lettings industry want to make renting fair for tenants but agents are not convinced the new Act will wo...

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| 04/06/2019

Tenant Fees Act now in force

The Tenant Fees Act came into force in England on 1 June. This is a very important change in the law for everyone living and working in the private rented sector. The key change is that landlords and letting agents can’t charge tenants a fee for anything that isn’t l...

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| 24/05/2019

What makes a good letting agent?

Earlier this week the ‘eviction notice’ pictured above was doing the rounds on Twitter. Hard to know if this is real or just fake news but if this is a genuine notice from a letting agent to their tenant - pink felt tip aside - there are so many reasons why this is c...

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| 20/05/2019

Section 21 changes: have your say today

Last week this blog looked at the problems that could be caused for the rental sector by the proposal to scrap “no-fault” Section 21 evictions. The government proposes to effectively make tenancies open-ended, while at the same time strengthening the rights of landlo...

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Blog 17  1

| 16/04/2019

Government announces

The government has decided to take action and abolish Landlords ability to serve a section 21 notice. This has come in light of many claims from various tenant support groups, suggesting that 46% of tenants received a notice to leave the property within 6 months. ...

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Blog 17

| 27/03/2019

Could a tax tribunal ruling mean BTL investors avoid 3% stamp duty surcharge?

Buy-to-let investors could soon fill the HMRC with stamp duty surcharge refund requests. This is following on from a potential precedent set at a recent tax tribunal that saw a couple acquire a neglected building and were able to refute the additional 3% stamp duty c...

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Liv cashman ny9cb9i 3oy unsplash

| 06/03/2019

Stay put - when is it safe to leave?

Stay put policies have really come under scrutiny in recent months. In a high-rise block the concept is sound - but only if all the many aspects that add up to successful compartmentalisation are in place. This means sub-dividing buildings into a number of compartmen...

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| 05/03/2019

Know your onions - and your tomatoes!

Could you tell the difference between cannabis and tomatoes? One Scottish letting agent was caught out recently when she found a tenant growing what she thought was cannabis in the bedroom of a rented property in West Lothian. In fact, the letting agent was left red-...

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| 04/03/2019

Don't forget the smoke alarm!

Landlords and letting agents are the target of a new smoke alarm awareness campaign launched this week. West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service is promoting ‘Let it, don’t forget it’ in a new video urging private sector landlords and letting agents to make sure smoke ...

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