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If you’re like today’s modern companies, you’re craving more than just a shared workspace. Sure, you want gorgeous spaces that increase productivity, robust wellness programs to help you maintain a healthy work/life balance, and best-in-class technology - and we’ve got all of that - but you’re also seeking the space to scale and learn alongside like-minded entrepreneurs and creatives.

At Camden Gateway, you’re joining a tight-knit and open community of driven scaleups and entrepreneurs who understand that in order to go further, we must grow together. We whole-heartedly believe in #communityovercompetition.

Members enjoy 24-hour access to their workspace, blazing fast internet, growth services within a thriving community of driven startups and entrepreneurs.

Here you’ll find an exciting wellness program, future-forward events, and innovative startup services. At Camden Gateway, our team works with you to accelerate your growth through creating collaborations, leveraging connections and building a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and creatives. Think of us as a gateway into another dimension of your success.


From £30/month

Virtual Office

Use our London buisness address

  • On your stationary
  • On your ads & website
  • Hot desk when in town
  • Join our networking events
  • Choose from 3 mail options
    • Redirection
    • Rented postbox
    • Open, scan forward

From £275/month

Hot Desk

Access to all facilities

  • Flexible terms
  • Choose available space
  • Networking & wellbeing
  • Coworking on a budget
  • Barista & copy allowance
  • Gym, yoga & pilates

From £325/month

Personal Desk

Access to all facilities

  • Flexible terms
  • Join our networking events
  • Networking & wellbeing
  • Reserve your own spot
  • Barista & copy allowance
  • Gym, yoga & pilates

From £650/month

Private Office

Access to all facilities

  • Settle in, kick back & focus
  • Networking & wellbeing
  • A two-desk private office
  • Barista & copy allowance
  • Gym, yoga & pilates

Priced to Fit Your Needs

Large Teams

For up to 12 people

  • 2 private offices
  • Workspace for 8
  • Pre-wired phone system
  • A better place to work
  • Great for growing start-ups
  • Drinks & copy allowance
  • Meetings & conferences

£10 per day

Day Pass

  • No commitment required
  • Great for freelancers
  • Just sign up & find space
  • Book our meeting spaces
  • No fixed contract
  • Fast WiFi & charging
  • Hourly or Daily passes

The key to our success is our people


Mehdi Mehra

London Office


Eric circle

Eric Asarè

London Office

Managing Director of Camden Gateway

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