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Members can use our address as their own, Camden Gateway is on 'Royal College Street' and has a prestigious NW1 postcode. Make our place your own with a range of mail, copy and print services.

Camden Gateway is a Royal Mail collection point so you can be assured your mail leaves us and heads straight to the Euston sorting office.

Choose from 3 mail options:

  • Rent a postbox & collect
  • Virtual mail forwarding (open, scan, email)
  • Print & post service

Option 1: Rent a postbox

You can use our address and rent a postbox. We will receive your post and put it in your postbox for you to collect. Either use our address or get Royal Mail Redirection to redirect your letters to us.

Option 2: Virtual Mail Forwarding (Open > scan > email)

Our app allows you to read your post online, forward post by email to others, and, save what you did or a copy of your reply for future reference. No matter where you are in the world, or how often you move, you can be instantly read your post.

Print & Post Service

Write your letters, drop them into our mailing warehouse software and we take care of the print, post, envelope and send for you. You only pay for the post you send, and we can use Royal Mails Signed For services to get get proof of delivery and Royal Mail's guarantee that your letters will arrive promptly.

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On the App simply go to the Post Handling app tile to get set up.

To become part of our community, simply download the ‘Work by Ringley app’

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London Office

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