Ringley are a specialist Property Management Company in London, and more specifically Camden and the surrounds which is why we thought we would create this page to highlight why you should use a local property management company situated just north of Camden Lock in the London Borough of Camden.

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Our offices have been head quartered here for over 25 years so this is our guide !

History of Kings Norton

Kings Norton got its name as it belonged to the king in the north settlement. It was home to various battles such as the Battle of Stamford Bridge where King Harold defeated Edwin the person who currently owned that land and therfore took over the land which was then owned by the royal family till 1804. In the early 17th century fairs and makets were taking place at Kings Norton anfd then thesse were later turned into fairs where people wqho were currently without a job could come and look for a new place to work, these were called mop fairs. In more recent history, Kings Norton expanded dramatically with a a lot of local housing for the residants, lavish schools, and fantastic pool estates which are still being used to this date.


Property values

Kings Norton is a lovely place located  10.5km away from the city centre. Kings Norton has an average house price of £181,081.00 over the last 3 years. The neighbourhood has aroundf 9000 households and an area of 4 square miles which shows that it's a very residantial area where commuties can really connect and enjoy their times togeteher.

Property Type Average Current Value
Detached (3 bedroom) Unknown
Semi-Detached (3 bedroom) Unknown
Terraced (3 bedroom) Unknown
Flat (2 bedroom) Unknown

With the current rental values being:

Property Type Average Rent (Per week)
Detached (3 bedroom) Unknown
Semi-Detached (3 bedroom) Unknown
Terraced (3 bedroom) Unknown
Flat (2 bedroom) Unknown

New developments in Kings Norton

This development is a nice new block of apartments in Birmingham which has 1 &  2 bedroom apartments and 3 bedroom houses for sale which have been  newly constrcuted and have some of the best luxury apartments on the market which look over the whole area of Kings Norton. It's an easy p;ace to get to through the regular train stations from Kimgs Norton Train Station where there are trains every 5-15 mins.

There are new lavish and lush houses that are for sale on the market and it is called The Oaks. They are in the price reigon between £257,500 - £312,500 and these houses contain very friendly communities. These also have great connection links once again with the Kings Norton Train Station being very local to this housing complex.

What our CEO, Mary Anne Bowring, likes about Kings Norton

Kimgs Notron is a stunning place to reside in and one of the main reasosns for that is the wondeful Kings Norton Park where there is a skatepark and the equptment needed for BMX and other extreme sports. The park is a large area so not only is there space for the extreme sports there is also space in Kings Norton Park to go for a relaxing walk and have a peaceful day.

Things to do in Kings Norton

There are many things to do in Kings Norton for all ages such as the various parks and places where young adults can go such as F!K Indoor Karting Ltd West Midlands and even for the toddlers there is a place called Tumble Jungle. There is a 400m circuit with cars that can go up to 70 kmph and is a great place to bsattle it out against family and friends. The tumble Jungle is an extremly fun place for toddlers to go to with many different slides and fun adventure areas for oung kids to expereince and make memories, with some describing it saying, "The kids love it" and "perfect area for all young children"

Kings Norton Cultural Scene

Kimgs Norton has a great atmosphere and is an extremely welcoming place with its various parks for all ages as these parks include skate parks for those who want to particpate in those activities and then leisure pathways for those who have gone to the park to clear their head asnd have a nice rlaxing day. Overall, there is a great sense of commmunity and a great connection between all different age groups.

What local People said...

Top 3 Property Management Companies in Kings Norton

1. . Ringley Group – specialising in the block management of residential and regeneration consultancy

2. Dixons Sales and Letting Agents Kings Norton - estate agents

3. Leaders Estate Agents Kings Norton - estate agents

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