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Block Management Overview

Management is about the minutia done well. It takes a team across a range of disciplines to deal with the multiple facets of block and estate management: politics, building pathology, finance, legal knowhow and of course customer service too.

At Ringley we believe in joined up thinking and commit to signpost Clients on all things property - even if outside our day-to-day management remit

Our true business is building relationships with our people. Our people really know that they can make a difference to our residents. We match our people to what each site needs to be achieved, with you in mind. We lead the market in transparency and focusing on risk, cash, repairs and place making, usually in that order.

We are not shy of hard work and believe our ability to get stuck in and find solutions that sets us apart. We are innovative to the core and committed to implementing good ideas in pursuit of 5* service.

Being who we are would be impossible without our passionately committed people, whose qualifications we sponsor and who we support professionally to be the best they can be, as achieving a national training award and our Silver IIP status confirms.

History of Canning Town


This area was originally called Hallsville and probably got its modern name from George Canning, briefly prime minister in 1827 - or from his son Charles Canning, first viceroy of India from 1858 until his death in 1862. Others have suggested that the name derives from a factory dating from the mid-19th century, possibly a cannery, but historians have failed to identify the relevant facility.

The opening of a railway station (originally called Barking Road) in 1847 spurred the early development of jerry, mostly without adequate drainage, leaving the population vulnerable to epidemics.

The fastest period of growth came after the 1880s, during the heyday of the Royal Docks. The biggest employers in the area were the Thames Iron Works, Victorian shipbuilders for the world and the original home of West Ham football club. Thirty-eight spectators died in the forges when the slipway collapsed during the launch of the warship HMS Albion in 1898.

The last major warship built by the shipyard was HMS Thunderer in 1911. The following year the Thames Ironworks declared bankruptcy and closed.

The Royal Docks brought significant immigration to the area and Canning Town had the largest black population in London in 1920. Comedy writer Johnny Speight was born here that year: he later created the bigoted TV character Alf Garnett . The area was badly damaged during the Blitz, which led to the construction of many high-rise buildings after the war. The partial collapse of the Ronan Point tower in the Customs area has resulted in a temporary withdrawal of high-rise solutions for housing needs across the UK and beyond. Late 20th century redevelopment typically took the form of smaller units in an endless series of cul-de-sacs built by housing associations.

New developments in Canning Town


In the heart of an emerging area, enjoy contemporary city life in harmony with the past, present and future. Oxbow - East London offers quality accommodation inspired by the original East India Docks warehouses, surrounded by vibrant landscaped spaces and amenities that will make you feel right at home.

Oxbow is located in one of London's fastest growing areas, within walking distance of many of East London's attractions.

With Canary Wharf to the south, London City Airport to the east and world-class education and London's gastronomic delights at your fingertips, Oxbow offers you the best the capital has to offer.

Life in Oxbow - East London

Welcome to the neighborhood. Here you can start the day with a morning workout in the hotel gym, equipped with the latest Technogym equipment. You may want to chat with neighbors in the resident's lounge while picking up mail from the 24-hour concierge (always available to help).

Stroll to nearby Aberfeldy Street for a taste of the local character and new creative endeavors, or grab a coffee at Gentleman Barista in Republic. End the day with an evening stroll in the linear park or simply relax in the residents' lounge.


Good Luck Hope 

The 1595 Club is a network of exceptional, globally-inspired amenities under one roof, where residents can connect, friends relax and hours melt away.

A place to think, work and share ideas with a typically British personality.

The courtyard. A sanctuary and meeting place for plants from all over the world, the courtyard is a corridor of natural colors bathed in light, providing a transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.
The water house. A quick swim before work or an impromptu poolside meeting on a warm summer day, The Water House can be enjoyed year round.
The house of sweat. An understated New York backdrop of steel, glass, and wood sets the stage for the best cardio and impact equipment and the latest fitness accessories, meaning residents get the best possible workout any time of day.
The steam house. The restorative benefits of water are the central theme of the time spent in the elegant design of The Steam House. The house of sculpture. Whether it's a local director's premiere or a private screening for friends using state-of-the-art image and sound technologies, relaxing on one of the Picture House's specially designed soft seats will put the outside world well out of reach (to at least up to upon exhaustion of credits).

Mary anne area

What our CEO, Mary Anne Bowring, likes about Canning Town

This is a random one granted ! London pop-up escape room in total darkness. Teams must smell, hear, and smell the room to find all of the dragon eggs and escape before the evil wizard returns. Accessibility: This escape game is fully accessible to visually impaired or blind people.

Things to do in Canning Town

Get ready for a stunning new attraction that combines an exhilarating outdoor challenge with a totally unique perspective of the capital Get ready for an unforgettable 90-minute experience that will take you on an uplifting rooftop expedition to the hottest entertainment spots popular in the world. Take in spectacular 360-degree views of London from our mid-roof observation deck before ending your adventure with a thrilling descent back to base.

Canning Town - Cultural Scene


Located at 0° longitude on the Greenwich Peninsula, Aluna will be the largest lunar and tidal clock in the world. Three giant rings of recycled glass will follow the cycles of the moon and the impacts on the earth with a slow light.
Designed by artist Laura Williams as a place of celebration and connection for people and the planet, the rings of Aluna will create a public space for international festivals, educational and community events. Built sustainably and powered naturally by sunlight and the tides of the Moon and the River Thames, Aluna will function for generations to come. Aluna is a time and place for everyone.
Title: Aluna is Time and Place for Everyone
Context: Aluna will be the world's largest Moon and Tide Clock. Three glass rings will track the Moon’s cycles and influences on the Earth with slowly moving light. It was designed by artist Laura Williams as a place of celebration and connection for people and planet.

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Top 3 Block Management Companies in Canning Town

Ringley Group – specialising in the block management of residential flats

1. Ringley Group – specialising in the block management of residential flats

2. Victor Michael - 265 Barking Road, London E13 8EQ

3. Hunters - 272 Barking Road, London E13 8HR

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Ringley Limited Chartered Surveyors
Ringley House, 1 Castle Road, London, NW1 8PR.
Fax: 020 7267 9610

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