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Block Management Overview

Management is about the minutia done well. It takes a team across a range of disciplines to deal with the multiple facets of block and estate management: politics, building pathology, finance, legal knowhow and of course customer service too.

At Ringley we believe in joined up thinking and commit to signpost Clients on all things property - even if outside our day-to-day management remit

Our true business is building relationships with our people. Our people really know that they can make a difference to our residents. We match our people to what each site needs to be achieved, with you in mind. We lead the market in transparency and focusing on risk, cash, repairs and place making, usually in that order.

We are not shy of hard work and believe our ability to get stuck in and find solutions that sets us apart. We are innovative to the core and committed to implementing good ideas in pursuit of 5* service.

Being who we are would be impossible without our passionately committed people, whose qualifications we sponsor and who we support professionally to be the best they can be, as achieving a national training award and our Silver IIP status confirms.

History of Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green is associated with a Tudor ballad, Bednall Greene's beggar daughter. This is a long poem that tells the story of Henry, son and heir of Simon de Montfort who was blinded in 1265 at the Battle of Eversham. Apparently he escaped the king by dressing as a beggar. He survived by begging and clearly saved his money. Later, he attended his daughter's wedding and gave a huge dowry to her betrothed. His true identity was revealed at the wedding. The ballad was very successful and can be found here (Copyright © for those wishing to read it. The blind beggar is seen in the Common Seal district of Bethnal Green and the Blind Beggar pub on Whitechapel Road, just across the border with Stepney, is said to be the place where he begged.

At the end of the 17th century, the owners of the houses around the Groene bought the land to prevent others from building on it. A trust was formed to maintain the area and the rent from its use was used to help the poor. One of the Green's main homes was Bethnal House, which was later rented out and became an asylum. This area is now home to Bethnal Green Library and Park before being called Barmy Park by older residents.

The citizens of Bethnal Green have always enjoyed gambling and between 1590 and 1780 bowling was very popular. However, their other play activities included more difficult pursuits including the whipping of a rooster on Mardi Gras of 1656, dog fighting, duck hunting for which the weavers bred a special little spaniel called the Splasher, and hunting to oxen. Apparently a subscription had been made to pay the herdsmen on their way to Smithfield Market for an ox that went mad with goads and peas in its ears and was led through the most populous part of the parish. In 1816 the rector of the church rescued two oxen who had taken refuge in the cemetery, but a certain Joseph Merceron, as a magistrate, refused to stop the practice, declaring that he was the first to chase in his youth. The main entertainment activities in 1861 were dog fighting, mouse competitions, and badger drawing, although badgers were few in the parish. The dog and cock fights in 1896 appear to have been a popular part of the bird fair.

New developments in Bethnal Green

The Macpherson apartments are at the centre of the heritage district in Bethnal Green, next to the Bethnal Green Gardens nature reserve and St. John's church. The building beres the name of Annie Macpherson, a Victorian philanthropist who founded a child protection zone. The new building includes 14 apartments, a church, community facilities and a new Café de la Ruche.

The development is located in an ideal urban location in the middle of the creative centre in eastern London with excellent transport connections. It is located right next to the Jardins du Paradis and the gardens of the opposite museum, 2 minutes walk from the tube and less than 10 minutes from City by bike. It is close to the green spaces of Mile End Park, Victoria Park and London Fields, but is easily accessible from central London.

Broadway East - Located on the banks of the popular Regent's Canal and set in new parkland, Broadway East offers a range of facilities for residents as well as views of London's famous skyline and Central Park.

Close to tube and train stations, Westfield Stratford City and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park are easily accessible. A stone's throw away is the bustling Broadway Market with over 70 independent shops, cafes and restaurants complemented by a traditional street market on Saturdays.

What our CEO, Mary Anne Bowring, likes about Bethnal Green

Boxing Yay !! During the 18th century, the area became associated with boxing. England champion Daniel Mendoza spent most of his adult life in Bethnal Green. The area became known for boxing gyms and match entertainment. You can still box at the York Hall recreation center in the area.

It's a yes from me !

Things to do in Bethnal Green

The Green has traditionally been the hub of the area. The main building on the Green, known locally as Kirby's Castle, was once frequented by the famous London diarist Samuel Pepys. At the beginning of the 18th century the house was transformed into an asylum and for the next two centuries it housed many inmates.

The park where the house was built, Bethnal Park, is still called "Barmy Park" by the locals today. The original house has now been demolished, but some of the other buildings are still standing. One of the newer buildings around the asylum dating from the late 1800s is now home to the Bethnal Green library. 

Bethnal Green - Cultural Scene

Bethnal Green's biggest historic tourist attraction is the V&A Museum of Childhood. The museum was originally opened as a local attraction, the Bethnal Green Museum, in the 1870s. It is now part of the Victoria & Albert Museum and houses the largest collection of toys, games and artefacts UK childhood. One of them even dates back to 1300 BC. AD, although there are more than enough contemporary toys and games to remind anyone of their own childhood.

Top 3 Block Management Companies in Bethnal Green

Ringley Group – specialising in the block management of residential flats

Ringley Group – specialising in the block management of residential flats

Ellis & Co - 485 - 487 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 9QH

Elms Estates - 454 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 0EA

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