Value for money - to us this means more than just competitive tendering. Adding value is about using expertise and creativity to save or to set a strategic path to deliver an outcome. This page is dedicated to Ringley hero’s who have saved their Clients' money.

Saved £6,856


Cunningham Court
How did we do it?
£6,856 was saved on insurance by Ringley once the residents RTM took over the building thereby enabling them to stand in the shoes of the Freeholder and place insurance.

Saved £12,935


Cunningham Court
How did we do it?
Ridding this block of an expensive Freeholder's Agent saw their management fees reduce by £12,935 per annum, a wopping £404 per flat.

Saved £59,151


How did we do it?
Ringley took over Stourcliffe from D&G when owners were faced with spiraling service charge costs and threats from the Portman Estate over dis-repair. Ringley reduced the day-to-day service charge cost by over 20% - £59,151 by reviewing all contracts and re-tendering.

Saved £10,626

St dunstans

St Dunstans Canterbury
How did we do it?
£10,626 which rightfully was due to St Dunstan's Canterbury had been lurking on the balance sheet unaddressed for many years prior to Ringley being appointed. Ringley set about obtaining proof that this was in fact an EDF refund that Peverel or FirstPort as they are now called were sitting on.

Saved £2,821


Camden Road
How did we do it?
Post claiming the right to manage we helped this block reduce its insurance premium from £3,888 to £1,067 - a whopping £2,821 saved. That is more than the cost of our fee.

Saved £6,462

Streatham common

Streatham Common
How did we do it?
This Right to Manage company was in a bit of an accounting pickle when we took them over including 'missing money' and a dispute with the former agent. Legal action undertaken by Ringley Legal, our Solicitors practice against JJ Homes yielded £6,462 + costs.

Saved £510,000


How did we do it?
We negotiated away a £510,000 gas bill relying on National Grid failings, a meter change/inadequate readings and dual billing with an nearby block. We argued the supplier had a duty of care not to allow a bill to become unreasonable and to adequately notify charges, both they failed to do.

Saved £41,000

Geneva court

Geneva Court
How did we do it?
Ringley worked closely with Genesis Housing to secure additional contributions to the service charge pot of £41,000 within the first 3 months of being appointed. Something that simply seemed beyond our previous Agent.

Saved £58,444


Geneva Court
How did we do it?
We took over this bankrupt RTM company from Peverel with no cashflow, spiralling budgets and huge deficits. Within 3 months of handover through negotiations and building trust with owners we delivered sufficient cash to keep trading, and ring fenced the reserve funds so they were not robbed also.

Saved £45,000


Avante Court
How did we do it?
Built about 2002 this block of 100 flats was suffering from badly stained pigmented render due to the absence of coping stones to throw water clear. Our role was to cost the options of (1) cleaning (2) painting and to overcome expensive access issues.